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Belles by Jen Calonita
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May 02, 2012

it was amazing
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Belles by Jen Calonita will proudly go on my “look out for “ shelf. I haven’t had much sleep lately, what with all these amazing reads that take me literally a couple hours to read. This book is THAT GOOD!. It has nothing to do with paranormal, giving me a chance to rest with those, but it has romance, and life changing experiences and secrets and a main character who does not stand down for what she thinks is right or what she believes in. Well enough of my babbling, let’s get on with the review.

Lets first discuss the cover. I liked the cover, It’s secretive, what with only showing the girls eyes but it’s also classy with the font. Good job with the cover.

Izzy is the main character and she is the bravest, kindest, loveable and strongest person you can read about. She’s into swimming and even has a job as a lifeguard near the boardwalk where she lives. Izzy is living with her grandma or better she’s taking care of her grandma after a terrible accident took the life of her mother. Izzy and her grandmother are barely making it financially since her grandmother can’t work due to her illness and can’t do pretty much nothing for herself. So it falls on Izzy to make sure that groceries are bought, bills are paid that her grandmother is well kept. Amazing character isn’t she? She has a social worker for the State looking after them both because Izzy’s grandmother is getting really old and is in the beginning of Alzheimer's. But before Izzy’s grandmother’s health deteriorates further, she locates some long lost relatives that live a few miles away from where Izzy lives now. Izzy’s grandmother gives this information to the social worker and they locate and talk to these relatives all the while Izzy has not idea of this occurrence. One night, after Izzy gets a phone call from her social worker to meet at Izzy’s grandmother’s house, Izzy is both afraid and nervous of the news the social worker might bring. Once she meets the social worker, Izzy’s world comes crashing down when she’s told she is to pack a couple of things with her that night because she is moving in with an Uncle. “Uncle Bill”

Remember when I told you that Izzy and her grandmother were barely making it financially? Well Izzy’s Uncle is running for the U.S. Senate and is loaded. He lives in a upscale neighborhood and owns a mansion . Izzy is shocked when she comes to his house for the first time. While at her Uncle’s she meets Mirabelle Monroe who is her cousin. Since they met, they just didn’t get along. I can see why, Mirabelle is fake, she’s all smiles and friendly to Izzy’s face but behind her back she’s talking all nonsense about the girl. Just because she’s from Harbor’s Side, where there are supposed knife fights and theft all the time, basically a poor neighborhood. I didn’t like Mirabelle so much in the beginning, but I loved her at the end when she stood her ground and stopped following Savannah.

Savannah is your typical rich girl. She has it all, money, beauty and of course the boy Izzy has been secretly crushing on for months as a boyfriend. She has all the characteristics of a rich girl too. Snotty, backstabber, only will hang with her kind, gossips and is the ring leader of her crowd at Prep High. So off the bat you know her and Izzy do not get along at all. While Izzy is trying to get adjusted to this new life style, and with her family showering her with all these gifts, she’s still herself. She still likes her old neighborhood and even begins charity work to give back to the community where they helped raise her. She doesn’t get a break from Savannah and Mirabelle at school and is immediately outkasted. While at home, her uncle and aunt believe that Mirabelle is making sure she’s being welcomed in school and with Mirabelle’s friend.

After Savannah first promoted Izzy to host a charity event only to plot against her and sabotage the event, Mirabelle is left a decision. Quit her longtime friendship with Savannah and help her cousin Izzy? Or just look the other way? Mirabelle makes the right decisions and helps Izzy accomplish her goal of making it the best charity event ever existed in Prep High, especially since all the event’s proceeds will go to the community center at Harborside. When Izzy thinks she’s finally beat Savannah and that the event is going smoothly. Savannah throws her a devastating blow and unveil a HUGE secret no one knew.

Jen Calonita did an amazing job with the writing, the descriptions, the characters EVERYTHING. While I was reading I even got teary eyed on some parts of the plot because Jen is such an amazing writer. I will look out for more books on this author as she has the magic to make a story come to life. I highly recommend this story! Go out and buy it! It will not disappoint!!!!

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