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Hellbent by Cherie Priest
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May 02, 2012

really liked it
Read from May 02 to 08, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I really liked Bloodshot, the first book in this series, but I liked this one even better. The main character's quirks and flippancy didn't get the focus they did in the first book. I like the character and her quirks, but in Bloodshot they seemed overdone.

Hellbent builds on Bloodshot, and opens just a bit after the end of the first novel. Raylene and her new "family" have settled in together in a new home. In fact, one of the things I love best about this book is the casual way this family is presented: two vampires (one a thief, the other blind), two homeless children, and a drag queen/ex-Navy Seal. Talk about unconventional! But the affection between all of them is shown in subtle ways that doesn't at all detract from the action of the story. In fact, after the action of this story, the family has grown, and in fact Raylene has started her own Vampire House in Seattle.

The two new members of the House are a crazy witch and Adrian's deaf vampire sister, Isabelle. Raylene meets up with both in the course of the novel--the witch has stolen some magical penis bones that Raylene is hired to steal back, and Raylene runs into Isabella when she goes to Atlanta to find out what happened to Ian's vampire father. She's hired by his Maximillian, Ian's brother, who wants Ian dead so he can become the new leader of the San Francisco Vampire House.

The one small complaint I have about this book is that the two plots never really come together. I kept waiting to find some connection between then, which really isn't there. The two plots that do come together at the very end is the search for Adrian's sister Isabella and the search for the truth about the death of Ian and Max's father: turns out that Isabella killed Ian's father. Actually, the identity of the mysterious housebreaker at the end seemed pretty obvious long before we learned it in the story. This discovery could have generated some conflict between Isabella and Ian, leading to conflict between Adrian and Raylene, but everyone seemed fine with Isabella killing in self-defense. This last part of the story seemed somewhat anti-climatic.

But that was overshadowed by Raylene's idea to start her own Vampire House, fake Ian's death, and renew her determination to take down the ghoul who experimented on Ian and Isabella. But that's all for the next book, which I hope is coming out soon.

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