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Diva by Jillian Larkin
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Jul 10, 12

Read from July 09 to 10, 2012

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First off, I loved the first two books! It was amazing! It was totally different from any other book I ever read. I was really happy when this book was on NetGalley. I want to thank the publisher for letting me review this!

The beginning starts off with Jerome. He went to a club to get a job, but of course everyone didn't want him to sing because he was black. After that happened, Jerome met Gloria's father outside the club. Nothing can go right when your fiancée's father go find you.

Gloria was in jail for three weeks. Suddenly Hank went to talk to Gloria. Hank made a deal with Gloria to go find out how Forrest got all his money. And if Gloria does find out, Hank will set Gloria free from jail.

Lorraine and Clare are jealous because Marcus is getting married to a girl he haven't even known for 2 months. Clare still is in love with Marcus. Lorraine still likes him a lot. When Lorraine and Clare bumped into each other many things went wrong.

There's a lot of twist and turns. I can never get bored with the different point of views. I exceptionally love Gloria's chapters, they were so interesting! There wasn't much of Jerome in this book which I hate. But the new characters in the book made up for it.

I love Gloria and Jerome's long distance relationship. Even though they haven't seen each other in weeks. They still have a really strong relationship which I love. Another couple I really love is Lorraine and Melvin. There relationship is just so cute! I love them :) Even though they only hung out with each other a few times, I can feel the connection between them.

All the main character got their happy ending. Gloria, Jerome, Lorraine, Clare, and Marcus are all happy at the end. The only bad thing that happen was someone getting shot.

Overall, I love all three books. This is such an amazing trilogy. I can't wait to read other books from this author. The writing was so beautiful. I exceptionally love the way the author describe the clothes they were wearing. It makes me feel like going into a time machine, so I can try on those clothes.

"She wore a full-length burnt-orange dress with Grecian-style beading on the shoulders, and diamond earrings dangled from her ears."

"Today she was wearing a sleeveless lavender blouse and a pale-gray skirt with a matching gray cloche hat."

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