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The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
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Sep 29, 2011

it was ok
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My God, this book is confusing. I have read it several times, and I couldn't explain the plot to anyone. I just don't get it. There's too much going on.

The relationship between Will and Lyra, I think, becomes less interesting as they become closer, so, obviously, by the time they're professing their love for each other, I just don't care any more. I don't care that they're split up forever - by the end of the book, Lyra has lost everything that made her interesting.
And, well... they're twelve. Twelve is too young to be professing eternal love for another person, really.

I do, however, rather like the two angels, Balthamos and Baruch. Neither of them is actually around for all that long, but I felt for them much more than i felt for any of the other characters.

I also tend to defend this book whenever people accuse it of being about 'killing God'. Anyone who says so has rather misunderstood it, in my opinion - Phillip Pullman has said that his idea of God is very like how Dust is described. The villains of the book are trying to destroy Dust, so if anything, Will and Lyra save God.
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Ellen Ugh, I agree. The trilogy started oh so well, but the last book is overly long and full of half-complete ideas. And Will...Will is dull. XD And seriously, they're twelve, and they're apparently so deeply in love and possibly having sex. O_o

Somesuchlike The idea of them having sex is actually kind of squicky. I really hope he didn't mean for it to be interpreted that way...

Ellen >_< I know. But apparently they do. O_o

Somesuchlike YOU DON'T HAVE TO INTERPRET IT THAT WAY. *covers ears* I'm not listening...

Rachel Yeah love at 12 is NOT true love, it's puppy love. So if in turn if they really didn't have sex that saved the world, then puppy love did? This book left soooo many questions and doubts. And I think that was his point. Kinda like the Bible leaves so many open conversations.

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