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Shadow's Fall by Dianne Sylvan
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May 01, 2012

did not like it

Shadow's Fall (Shadow World, #3)Shadow's Fall by Dianne Sylvan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

BEWARE SHAM REVIEWS FOR THIS BOOK! This book was already ruined by the horrible book that preceded it. The story cannot be trusted to be consistent as has already been proven and the author inserts her warped morals and hatred into her writing. Keep your money, better books in PNR/UF to be bought, getting involved with this series is a mistake, you are better off reading book 1 Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World) (a true 5 Star effort) and then either assume they all lived happily ever after or assume they all died, because after book 1 the series is corrupted beyond repair by an author with too much personal baggage unless you just enjoy reading poor propaganda and characters that change personalities from book to book. It was rumored that this author/representatives had been planting reviews so read them carefully, there are some folks that actually liked this tripe but beware the 5 Star reviews that sound like her publicist wrote them.

The bottom line to all this is that while this particular book may or may not have been an improvement, the chances of another "let me see how many people I can offend" type book would be almost certain so why indulge in literary masochism when there are better authors who understand that consistency is required if you call it a series. I still consider Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World) (with the deleted parts) one of the better things I have read in years but conversely Shadowflame (A Novel of the Shadow World) is one of the worst things I ever read for more reason than I will list here but the author has some serious mental obsessions, distaste for happy relationships and other moral/political opinions (or lack thereof) that she inserts into her writing. I just refuse to accept any part in her continued success. There are better writers and series to read. I also don't support writers who try to force (sublimely or forcefully) their political/religious/morals on me with their writings. I read for entertainment not enlightenment and certainly not for an author to use beloved characters in a "shock jock" mentality just to see how horrible she can make them.

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message 1: by ThatEzi (new)

ThatEzi  (Oh My Shelves) I think you were very clear

raina Wow, you sound seriously crazy....

Douglas Meeks r wrote: "Wow, you sound seriously crazy...."

And you sound like another lemming who refuses to understand that every book after book 1 is trash.

message 4: by Kenya (new) - added it

Kenya Wright I was wondering about this book. I hated book 2! Ick.

Douglas Meeks It is not the quality of the writing nor is it the story, it is THIS story being populated by the same characters from Book 1 Queen of Shadows that ruined the series for SO many people. Go to Amazon and look at the most popular reviews, 1-2 Star reviews have 10 times as many Helpful votes. Its not just me that felt that way :) Why would you want characters you enjoyed suddenly turned into weak, morally bankrupt, borderline evil, and childish characters overnight? THAT is what Diane Sylvan did after book 1.

Nina Okay. There were some plot "developments" that did seem to come out of left field. (Faith being in love with David for example) And yes, she does bring up the Pagan thing a lot. But by and large, I continue to really enjoy this series! Mira has become a strong person after being so broken at the start of the series. David is consistent, well aside from his affair in the second book, which really threw me. But I liked that Dianne Sylvan took risks with her characters. The series has really brought me in. I'm not saying it is perfect. But I seriously enjoy it. I don't feel like I'm having any kind of agenda "forced" on me. Of course I can see her Pagan and Wiccan side coming out especially in this book. But it doesn't feel like she's saying "Hey! This religion is awesome! Come try it" It's just how "her character" views it. Just my thoughts. Not trying to invalidate anyone's thoughts or feelings on the matter. Just stating my own. Happy reading.

message 7: by Douglas (last edited Sep 22, 2013 04:47PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Douglas Meeks "David is consistent, well aside from his affair in the second book"
Uh, that pretty much defines my point (and the term inconsistent), they were in love forever in book 1 and now he has a homosexual love affair in the very next book??? That is not "taking risks" with the characters, that is corrupting them beyond repair IMHO. She blew her own rules about the jewels out of the water because it prevented her from pushing her disgusting plotline, inconsistent is a nice way for me to put it.

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