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Strange Epiphanies by Peter Bell
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May 01, 2012

it was amazing
Read from June 13 to 17, 2012

"One of the finest collection of lyrical and yet chillingly haunting short stories", that's how I would like to describe this collection. Swan River Press has gifted us with another exquisite production that befits the richness of the stories, but let me come to the point (i.e. my thoughts regarding the stories themselves). The contents of this book are: -

(*) Introduction by Brian.J.Showers.
1) Resurrection: was it delusion, insanity, pagansim, morbid depression, or wilful surrender of mind & body to the primoridal ebb & tide of life? You decide, and also think when was the last time that you came across such evocative imagery & narrative.
2) M.E.F: a story of love, loss, haunting, delusion, and mystery. I especially liked the authenticity and the painstakingly detailed adherence to actual events, that act as the backdrop as well as the foundation of the story.
3) The Light of the World: another brilliant (literally, as the glorious descriptions are etched in your mind as you read the story) and yet remorseless tale of love, fear, and obsession.
4) An American Writers Cottage: I knew what would eventually befell the depressed & alcoholic protagonist, but the way the climax was built up was deliciously scary.
5) Inheritance: a scary story, with its enigmatic suggestions that allowed my imagination to run amoc, causing some seriously disturbing dreams. The power of the story should be compared with the feelings that are evoked by writers who fail to appreciate the power of imagination, when they fill their stuff with gratuitous sex & violence.
6) A Midsummer Ramble in the Carpathians: the last word must have already sent your mind to work about the story, so read it, and sit tight for a while keeping all lights on.
7) Nostalgia, Death and Melancholy: the title says all, but adds in some deliciously shuddering stuff.
(*) Afterword: the historical basis of the story M.E.F.

Overall, after reading the book, I was rather uneasy, and (just to be on the safe side), slept with a light on (you know, imagination IS a dangerous thing). Highly recommended.
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Sirensongs I just started reading this book this morning, and I am already blown away by it! "Resurrection" was such a subtly brilliant tale! I loved the atmosphere, the character development, the ambiguity of it all. I can't wait to read more of these tales!

Riju Ganguly I would strongly recommend that you get hold of his 'Jamesian' tales as well, collected as "A Certain Slant of Light", brought out by Sarob Press. Robert Morgan has some copies, and it can also be procured from Realms of Fantasy or Cold Tonnage. But hurry, unless of course you have already ordered.

Sirensongs Thank you for the recommendation. :) I definitely pre-ordered this from Sarob Press as soon as I saw it was available. I'm hoping it will be waiting in my mailbox next time I visit the post office!

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