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Guest of the Revolution by Kathryn Koob
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Apr 30, 2012

bookshelves: chicklits, the-persians

Turns out being kidnapped by Muslim fundamentalists can make you get Jesus... Who knew?

If you're not SUPER Christian, you can probably live without at least 70% of this book. There are some great descriptions of being held hostage, especially earlier on, but the Jesus and home ec details get a little intense. I really liked hearing her take on the young female guards, sort of wish there'd been more of that and fewer hymns, but what can ya do... Koob does seem like a nice, sweet lady, and she does convey a sense of the hostage experience.

To me this book is an interesting illustration of what is good and what's bad about religion. On the one hand, her faith clearly helped Koob immeasurably in getting through her ordeal, and preserving a seemingly upbeat and admirable attitude throughout. On the other hand, religious faith is also much of what created that mess in the first place, and it's also what makes this book something of a slog for the heathens among us. Most of the good parts are repeated elsewhere in more secular accounts, so unless you're specifically after an inspirational religious captivity narrative you might as well just stick with those.
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