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The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
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I wish it hadn't turned into such a romance novel halfway through - it was so freaking irritating because I couldn't put it down despite thinking Mina deserved so much better. He's no Mr Darcy. He's not even JD Robb's Roark despite the similarities in their intro into the heroine's world. The book kept hooking me in with....(dun dun duuuunnnn...) genetically engineered full scale kraken. Kraken!!!

I'm starting to wonder if the piss poor characterisation of the hero (which makes both more & less sense when you find out why he is the way he is) isn't because its written by a woman. Male writers often keep female characters stereotyped or shallow because they have minimal insight into their motivation, so I have to wonder if the Duke is lifted wholesale from me-Tarzan romances because the publishers wanted to ruin a science-fiction novel with a bit of shagging? Any excuse is better than the idea that the author sincerely thinks that "No" means "Yes".

It also has an abs-for-no-reason-cover. Why? The world created is too good for a cover that bad. Without the creepy, rapey Iron Duke this would have been delightful first page to last, but I'm going to read the next in the series in the hope that this amazing world will be explored without similar weaknesses.


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