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Damage by Xanthe Walter
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May 07, 2012

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Xanthe's love of over-the-top angst was a little too much for me here. I didn't mind it in The First Collar but in Damage I was antsy for the book to come to an end.

Damage deals with Tony's childhood sexual abuse and his Daddy issues. I don't know if the former is alluded to in the actual tv series but I've read enough of the fanfic summaries to conclude the tv series version does have him with a troubled relationship with his father. I've collected a lot of this fanfic but have bypassed the Daddy-issue ones if that's the main theme and after Damage, I can see that was the right decision. But then, with Tony as the MC and Gibbs being Gibbs, 'Daddy' is never far away. A bit icky for some (like FW2) but it doesn't bother me at all. I like May-December romances in the first place and these DiNozzo/Gibbs romances are even better than what I've already read.

The story, briefly - a teen, Justin, is caught stealing an Admiral's laptop and the housekeeper calls NCIS. She explains why she did this to Gibbs cos he, too, wants to know. Long story short, Justin has pics of him on the Addy's laptop and no guesses allowed as to what type of pics they are. So now, Gibbs is interested because it looks much bigger than just a few dirty pics.

It gets even bigger than this. In fact, it explodes, sending Gibbs and his entire team into a daze, wondering if anything will ever be the same again. Because not only does it involve under-aged boys raped over several years by the Admiral and his pedophile buddies; not just because Justin is Boy # 1 out of at least 50, but because DiNozzo, one of Gibbs' own, is Boy #43. If you've read any of this fanfic, you'd know Gibbs is usually portrayed as having been in love with DiNozzo since the latter joined the team. If you watch this series regularly, you'd know Gibbs isn't a man who does anything in half-measures.

So Gibbs and his team, minus Tony, swings into action and this is the part that has made this fanfic so addictive for me - most stories have some action/suspense balanced well with the developing romance and now I've got a load of these with the hottest pairing I could find, all for free. Still, my Gibbs/DiNozzo obsession wasn't enough to enable me to go through 454 reader pages without feeling surfeited. If the author had trimmed this down by a hundred pages, this would have been a 5-star story. As it is, I don't think I could survive Two Wolves because Kate warned that it's very violent.

Now, off for some fluff...

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10.0% "Tony is in a very, very bad state - he's stuck back in time, reliving the memories of his childhood rape. But I think Gibbs, being Gibbs, is having an even worse time seeing Tony like this and helpless to do anything except bash his fists bloody."
10.0% "Of course, Gibbs brought this on by persuading Tony to talk about this to help Justin, another victim..."
30.0% "Gibbs. The Tony-whisperer."
85.0% "Fluff. I need fluff after this." 7 comments
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ElaineY I'm in trouble.

All Gibbs has to do is bark his team to attention on page 1 and I'm hooked. Hope this is better than Forced Training but if this author's other work is anything to go by, Damage should be good:)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Definitely take a break before Two Wolves. Damage was too much for me too, I'd have given it 3 stars. Wolves is better. It's a lot like The Island in some ways, but leave it for when you want something dark and kind of brutal. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can find you some lighter Gibbs/DiNozzo stuff....that isn't in first person present tense. The one thing I hate about fanfic is the amount of present tense. It gets old fast.

message 3: by ElaineY (last edited May 04, 2012 12:31AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

ElaineY Kate wrote: "Definitely take a break before Two Wolves. Damage was too much for me too, I'd have given it 3 stars. Wolves is better. It's a lot like The Island in some ways, but leave it for when you want so..."

It can wait. I'm really loving Discovered Undercover! I'd rate it as my top fav MM romantic suspense this year. I'm reading the sequel as soon as I'm done with DU (70 pages to go).

I have about 50 Gibbs/DiNozzo stories so no worries about finding more for me. They'll last me awhile yet. But thanks for the offer...I'm SO loving this fanfic series. Did I tell you that?

Oh, and only one from my stash has present tense - and it's only one of the installments in that series, told from Gibbs' POV. I'll leave that for last, when there's no more to read:(

ElaineY Dec 2012 update: I must have just about every Gibbs/DiNozzo fanfic that's over 30K words and non-paranormals and I'm still obsessed with the pairing. I'm not in the least bored with the repetitive tropes and they've become wonderful comfort reads to me, some I happily reread (spelling and grammar errors also happily ignored as English is not the 1st language of most of the writers).

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