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Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers
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Sep 04, 2013

it was amazing
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Read from March 26 to 31, 2013

Yes, I loved the viciousness in the book, the violence & the blood, the killing, it was so great it almost made me cry!
Nope, I don't need a doctor to know that I am crazy.

Sybella, Sybella... remember that half crazy chick from Grave Mercy? Well, THAT crazy chick will drive a knife through your gut if you don't show some respect.
I was just too happy to see Sybella in this book. Oooh, the vengeance burning deep in her blood was exactly what I was hoping for in this book. Yes, Sybella, vengeance is something you eat slowly...(!) To see her plot the deaths was just delightful. What I didn't expect, at all, were the desperation & torment that were even deeper inside herself, & that mainly drove the plot (& the knives!).
Some days, like today, my aim and timing is so true it takes my breath away and I feel certain Mortain's own hand guides mine.
She spills the blood!!
Okay, I will stop whooshing about red, red blood now &... move on.

To do the convent's biding is to do Mortain's, though that is not enough for our girl to go back to the life that almost drove her crazy.
Sybella grew up in a nest viper's betrayal, lies & death. The madness in her eyes when she arrived at the convent? Her past lives up for that madness.
Sybella suffered & lost too much in her life. Going back, she relived all those memories all over again, to the point that I just mentally hugged her. It was too much, anybody's heart would break! But she is not anybody, she learned long ago to be strong & transformed her heart to nothing more than hard muscle.
She is that great!
“It is a good thing I no longer have a heart, because if I did, it would surely break.”
Now, by the time Dark Triumph starts she is despaired posing as Lady, neck deep in desperation... to kill D'Albret.
D'Albret is one of the biggest threats for the duchess, a fucking bastard that I'm sure I'll meet in hell, he's a traitor, he must die.
& he pretty much ruined Sybella's life.

The only reason for Sybella to go back to her old, torturous life is for his blood. Fulfill Mortain's task & her revenge in one swift blow would end it all.
Then, why is he not marked? The bastard!
Why there's no gray mark in his forehead? It was the abbess' promise!
One of the things I liked the most about the book was Sybella's doubts about the existence of Mortain. All her life her prayers were never answered, now that she can have what she wants Mortain, her father, won't comply.
If he was real, she wouldn't be in such position.
If he was real, she wouldn't have suffered so much.
If. He. Was. Real.
She would be killing for a purpose beyond the convent's interests & beyond her own desire to kill.
Her biggest fear is to be like her enemies. If she killed under His grace, she would kill (have killed) with a purpose. Otherwise she's exactly like him.
Like D'Albret. *shudders*
So Mortain must be real, because, what else could she do?
Her skills in assassinating are true to her own skill to destroy everything she touches (or so she believes), that's why she's such great killer.
If Mortain is not real, then she's hopeless.

Oh, to be desperate... & trapped.
Sybella has the convent (her sisters, Ismae & Annith, you know) but... with that bitch of an abbess whom she could never trust, plus her own doubts of whether Mortain being real makes Sybella want to FLEE!
To be free.
Still, the convent & its teaching is everything Sybella has now, & to step out of that grace is to go away from her last (& only) safe place in earth.
Besides, to be in the convent is to save knight's in distress...(!)

Ooow, Beast!
If you remember, he'd been captured & made prisoner by D'Albret. It is the convent's order that Sybella frees him, to serve the duchess retrieving one of her most loyal & brave knights. Right.
I already knew Beast, that he was one HUGE, ugly, beautiful-in-the-inside dude. But just now I come to understand why they are perfect together.
So beautifully perfect; their story went straight to my heart of sand.
"What do you know of such things? I am likely one of the few maids who have not run from your ugly face."
Aw, aren't they lovely? *tear*
I mean perfect, you see, because in Sybella's world everyone wears a mask & nothing is as it appears. Yet there comes Beast, mask-less & honorable & as willing to kill someone as she would be.
It is him, his personality & maniacal grin that helped Sybella to see under a new light, even her sense for killing changes to a purpose, when he tells her how alive she is with a knife in her hand.
The shriveled, withered bit of gristle that lives where my heart used to be has managed to fall in love with him

Also, I loved this perspective of death. To die is not always to cease to exist. We had already seen it with Ismae, death can be Mercy, but OF COURSE Sybella kills without mercy.
Ha! Hell to the NO.
Just as many elements shape the fruit on the tree, so do many factors shape a man's life, and therefore his death. [...] Every death I have witnessed, every horror I have endured, has forged me to be who I am -Death's Justice.
Now, I did miss a little of the politiking, though with all this shitload of emotions & suffering *gasp* inside Sybella, I have too much to focus on.
She is interested in the fate of Britannia & is loyal to the duchess, though her place was not in the political room, planing (like Ismae) but in the countryside, fighting (& killing!) alongside Beast in Death's & Justice's name.

Now I wonder about Annith's story. What will she do? How? With who? Ah! I can't even imagine how GREAT Mortal Heart will be!

Hey, guys.
The AMAZING Laura Burgandy Ice lent me her ARC of Dark Triumph.
Thank YOU !!!
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Quotes Valeria Liked

R.L. LaFevers
“Truly, we are the gods' own children, forged in the fire of our tortured pasts, but also blessed with unimaginable gifts.”
R.L. LaFevers, Dark Triumph

R.L. LaFevers
“I cannot tell her I have been moping over a broken heart when I have worked so hard to convince her I have no heart at all.”
R.L. LaFevers, Dark Triumph

R.L. LaFevers
“And just as love has two sides, so too does Death. While Ismae will serve as His mercy, I will not, for that is not how He fashioned me.
Every death I have witnessed, every horror I have endured, has forged me to be who I am -- Death's justice.”
R.L. LaFevers, Dark Triumph

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03/27/2013 page 16
4.0% "It is a good thing that I no longer have a heart, because if I did, it would surely break. We will get along very well, Sybella." 1 comment
03/27/2013 page 60
15.0% "Oh, Sybella! *hugs* yes, yes you are Death's daughter & Julian shall sufer."
03/27/2013 page 90
22.0% "What? Okay, Thephanie, explain yourself. Did the convent send you or what?"
03/28/2013 page 172
43.0% "I would have already hit him on the head, you know, to make the trip pleasantly QUICK!"
03/28/2013 page 172
43.0% "I would have already hit him on the head, you know, to make the trip pleasantly QUICK!"
03/28/2013 page 187
46.0% "*gasp* Pinche vieja maldita!!

Oh, allô Ismae *hugs* Lets pick up in our last conversation & help me kill the abess." 2 comments
03/29/2013 page 266
66.0% "Oh god, KILL THE BITCH!"
03/30/2013 page 339
84.0% "Ha! Told you, nagging voice that lives inside my head.
I content myself with being partially right"

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