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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins
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May 17, 2012

it was amazing
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Stories with fallen angels, especially Nephilim, are some of my favorites (Hush, Hush anyone?). There is just something about the struggle between good/bad, angels/demons/fallen angels that captivates my attention. This entire book-even the title-and the main characters are a contradiction. Anna is a sweet and innocent girl who has a dark side just begging to be released. And Kaidan is one heck of a bad boy who just wants to be loved.

Anna has always known she is different; she can sense people's feelings and see the colors of their emotions. But she doesn't know exactly what she is. Her stepmother Patti, is fiercely overprotective of Anna, which has unfortunately made Anna a little bit too sweet and naive. She goes to a concert and meets the band's drummer, Kaidan. Kaidan has an English accent which I usually don't like (except for Ed Westwick) but somehow works for me. When she meets Kaidan, she knows that he is different like her too. Kaidan is rude and cocky, yet despite how much Anna tries to fight it, she is attracted to him. He explains to her that they are children of demons-called Nephilim who are basically forced to work for their fathers who are the Dukes of Sin-any sort of relationship or free will is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. Kaidan's father is the Duke of Lust and Anna's father is the Duke of Substance Abuse...yup.

Sweet Anna was the perfect combination for sinful Kaidan. Although Anna started off as a little bit wimpy and naive in the beginning, she definitely grew into herself and became tougher towards the end. And although Kaidan seemed like an arrogant jerk sometimes, he also had his sweet moments with Anna. The secondary characters, including Anna's stepmom, her best friend and the rest of the Dukes and Nephilim were written perfectly. The Dukes were truly ruthless and some of the evil-ist characters I have read about.

Wendy Higgins created such a wickedly fabulous new world of angels and demons! Sweet Evil is a dark and sensual story that will leave you absolutely hooked and begging for more. Never once did the story go in the direction I thought which left me with plenty of shocking twist and turns. The insanely HOT chemistry and friction between Anna and Kaidan is so intoxicating and addictive and I was looking forward to any interaction between these two. Sweet Evil does not sugar coat things. I will say that dealing with issues like sex, drugs and drinking, I would consider this book to be more in the new adult category (which is a mature YA category). I also wouldn't mind reading this as an adult book. Not at all! Although this book was about 450 pages, it was so addicting that the pages just flew on by. The ending was unexpected and will leave you dying to know what will happen between Anna and Kaidan. Sweet Evil definitely lives up to its hype, it’s sinfully delicious! Trust me when I say that you won't want to miss out on this amazing story!

5 out of 5 sparkly stars!

Some of my favorite non spoiler quotes from Sweet Evil:

-I'd never met anyone with an accent like his, and I was ashamed of the effect it had on me. He was obviously rude, and yet I wanted him to keep talking to me. It didn't make any sense.

-I'd been looking in the wrong place earlier when I searched for a flaw in Kaidan. It was not in his face; it was in his personality.

-"It's just you and me out here right now, Anna. I felt you come alive when we kissed, and I know you're afraid of that. Afraid to unleash that other side of yourself. But you needn't worry. I can handle her."

-He pulled his lips just far enough away to speak.
"What time will Patti be calling?"
I managed a glimpse at the clock, feeling his mouth on my collarbone.
"Not for an hour," I whispered.
"That simply is not going to be enough time."

-"What do you want from me, Kai?"
"For starters?" His voice lowered to sexy, dangerous depths. "I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body."

-His mouth found mine in the dark, fiery and rough. I gave a tiny whimper before melting into him and pulling his face down to mine even harder. In that kiss we spoke all of the things we couldn't say. He kissed me with an urgency born of some strong, unstable emotion: fury. I tried to imagine the nature of that feeling. Was he angry because of how I made him feel? Angry that he was powerless to change tonight's outcome? I didn't know, but I welcomed it.

-I might have inherited a legacy of sin from my father, but I was also given a heritage of hope from my mother, and that was the one I needed to embrace.
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