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Legend by Marie Lu
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Apr 29, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: dystopia
Read in April, 2012

Oh god, where do I start. Well, whenever any book has two godly teenagers duking it out, it always comes back to this.
apparently the two are geniuses. fine. they passed the Trials with a perfect score. fine.
they also happen to be the two most beautiful creatures on the planet? They aren't stuck up snobs drunk on their own intelligence? They also happen to be the most physically capable and fit human beings on the entire planet?
AND THEY happen to be perfect for each other?

well okay, perfect is as perfect does, but oh my god this drives me insane.

then June "betrays" Day, the two main characters, and still he doesn't hate her because she's so pretty that he's in love with her. -sighs-
even after she pretty much killed his mother and caused his entire family to pretty much die, and also caused him to get injured beyond anything he's ever received before.

Day is also like the Robin Hood of the civilization except he only helps his family with money and supplies.

When he is caught due to June's betrayal, his arrest causes all the civilians to RIOT against the government!

June also despite being part of the large and violent military of the government despises people that kill. So therefore, neither she, nor Day have ever killed anything.
However, another characted named Thomas, she's allowed to hate him because he's killed before.
uhm hello, you've caused a few deaths yourself. even if they were indirect, you still caused the death of day's mother, and many of the poorer civilians.
Then the government turns out to be an evil sham, killing their own people so they can win the next war.

Blahblabhalbhalbh pretty much a hundred pages later, because they realized they're so perfect for each other, the society that they live won't let them be together, they have to fight against it all. Also added bonus that the government is actually a evil organization helps.

Also since they're so perfect and good at everything, they even have a chance at succeeding at defeating the government singlehandedly.

this story was so convenient that i kept rolling my eyes in disbelief.

it wasn't badly written, and the story kept flowing. i particularly enjoyed his parkour moments and Ms. Lu is good at keeping a story energized. But the characters. Oh god I couldn't have cared less about them if you made them jelly doughnuts that somehow become anamatronic.

Perfect people aren't fun to read about Ms. Lu. I just started reading this as a book meant to be a parody of young adult. Because the amount of cliches and tropes you stuck in here were too numerable in number for me to take them seriously after awhile.

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