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Dead to You by Lisa McMann
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Apr 29, 2012

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I loved this til the end, thats were I got disappointed. Throught the book my heart went out to Ethan. Here is a kid that was "adducted" at the age of 7 and taking away from his family for 9 years. He gets dropped of at a Group home by his "adductor" "Ellen" and never sees her again. When Ethan does resource on Missing Child, he finds his "family". Ethan reunites with his family. Through his time with his family, he can not seem to remember anything that happened the day of and the years before his "adduction". No matter how many times he looks at old photographs or talks to his family. It doesn't help that his now 14 yr old brother does not accept him and does not believe that he is his brother that was adducted years.
Through this whole story, you get glimpse of what his lift was like when "Ellen" had him and just some on the Group Home.
The Reason that I was somewhat disppointed with this story, is becaus 1. The only give you Glimpses of his past life. 2. He never tells his family "Ellens" really name because he seems to project her. and the biggest dispointment is the ending. You find out that his brother, Blake, was right all along. This in turns opens up a whole set of questions on its on. Who was Ethan? Where did he come from? Why can't he remember his past from his early years? Who was "Wllen" really and why did she drop him at a group and never come back after she said she would?
I personally feel like there should be a second book on this story to tie up all the lose ends.
Other then the ending, I would recommand this book to all Lisa McMann fans, just remember to be prepared to have some questions at the end of the book and if you are like me, your heart will feel for Ethan and his situation.
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