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Once by Anna Carey
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Apr 29, 12

Once follows Eve after a few months in Califia, an all woman refuge just north of San Francisco. We previously have learned that a virus has wiped out huge portions of the population - A King has emerged with an iron fist and a fanatical vision of a new america that he will do Anything to protect and bring to pass. The first book of this trilogy, Eve, annoyed me, I am not sure why I picked this one up. I liked it better, but...
In Eve's plot, Eve has been raised in an all girls convent-like school. When she finds out that girls are destined for one task alone, breeding a population as fast as possible for the King's capitol city, she takes off into the wild. She is desperately escaping the King who has cast it abroad that he wants Eve captured pronto and brought to him asap.
She makes it to Califia with the help of an injured and big hearted boy, Caleb- only to find that Caleb is turned away, no men allowed, no exceptions.
Once picks up a few months later, the plot, writing, characters and development are stronger- but- as someone else here has said, there are so many surprising twists that one can only gloss over the top of the story. Suffice to say: Eve is captured, she lives in the Capitol City, it is not at all what she expected and as ever, she is in peril.

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