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The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan
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EDIT: 01/13/13 Just saw how wrong some of my grammar were in this review and how I did not properly explained why I only gave this book 2 stars. So, I guess I shall rewrite it. Anyway, as of now, I shall warn you about this review I wrote. 1st: It is angsty. 2nd: there are a lot of wrong grammars. 3rd: I failed to explain my side logically. 4th: I think I misunderstood the ending (but that still didn't change my perspective to this whole trilogy). 5th: If you LOVE the ending of this book, I recommend NOT to continue reading any further. This review is full of rants towards that matter. So, until I rewrite this, you can't read this. BUT if you also dislike the ending, and reading quite a lot of wrong grammars is okay with you, then you may proceed. We might have the same perspective in this book.

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Galini They... didn't end up... together? I haven't finished the book yet, and reading this comment... it's just... ugh... no words for it. I'M FREAKIN' CRYING NOW, CHAR?! I SWEAR! I. Honestly. Hate. Rick. Riordan. Now. I mean, seriously? Why did he have to make the whole love triangle, in the first place? SANUBIS IS ONE OF THE BEST COUPLES IN THE WORD, AND HE JUST HAD TO RUIN THAT FOR US?!?! I'm not continuing the book now, nor buy it like I intended to. I won't let myself start crying and get disappointed because of Rick's mistake. Though, honestly, I hate him now. Really, really, hate him :'(

Charissa Sophia de la Rosa You can say that. I mean even if Walt and Anubis are in one body, it's still Walt's! It's still Walt's advantage not Anubis's! Obviously, Salt ended up together no matter what other people say.

Galini I got it. Anubis will just be inside, the third weal, in pain while Sadie will have feelings for Walt and only. I'm being violent and cruel now, but I wish Walt died by his curse. Then, Sadie could be turned to a goddess, and she would end up with Anubis. Congratulations Rick Riordan, for destroying this for us.

Charissa Sophia de la Rosa But, I think I'm misunderstanding the gods-hosts-humans thing. I'm wondering if the gods still feel what their hosts does. Maybe I should research more. Who knows, my understandings might be wrong.

Galini Yes, they do, as I recall. I'm not completely sure, but I think so. Now Anubis will feel the same with Walt, but Sadie will only have feelings for Walt. It's just... so... unfair. I waited so long to read the third book for Sanubis, read a whole bunch stories of them, and commented in million sites, just so I can learn this?

Charissa Sophia de la Rosa I know that it's tragic.

Galini Just that? It's a disaster!

Jason I think the problem with the romance had more to do with how it was resolved. In the end, nobody had to make a hard decision, nobody got hurt. Sadie, despite her initial freakout, ends up getting to be with both guys she likes, while both guys end up living a symbiotic relationship where both of them can be happy with the girl they both like. It's a huge cop-out of the original triangle relationship, where everybody wins and everything is wrapped up with a neat little bow in the end.

That's kinda how I felt about the entire ending for the book, really. Nobody important dies, everybody's saved, there are no lasting negative effects of killing off Apophis.

After all the tension buildup and the whole "end of the world" thing looming over the entire series, it's disappointing that Riordan went the safe route and gave everybody a happy ending.

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