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Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
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Apr 29, 2012

really liked it
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4.5 Stars

I don't like fairies/faeries/fae. I just wanna get that out there up front. I think they are boring and oh-so-scurry with all their dancing and laughing and pipe-playing blah-de-blah. The current trend where fairies/faeries/fae are all the rage and everyone is trying to "re-think" them? Not my thing. Pass. I'm good on that.

Now I know that maybe lots of people will probably rush to defend the fairies/faeries/fae and say "They aren't all like that! Read [book] -- the fairies/faeries/fae in that one are AWESOME!" so let me clarify more.

I think one of the things that makes all of the fairies/faeries/fae stories that I've read so mind-numbing to me is all of the tedious description of the eternal merrymaking. Too much of anything is a bad thing. Too much merrymaking for a mortal who is forced into it is bad... and too much of making me read about it is also bad... *cough* Susanna Clarke. (But in all fairness, I'm not big on those kinds of descriptions anyway. I don't like reading through descriptions of parties, or fairs, or carnivals or festivals or anything like that in ANY book. The more variety the author tries to show to let me know how great a time the merrymakers are having, the more bored I get.)

The magic is another thing. I like rules to my magic. I like to understand the basis of the power that fairies/faeries/fae have, and how it works. What its limitations are. Too often in the fairies/faeries/fae stories I've read, there's none of this. It's just whatever imagination can conjure and that's that. Blah.

And for the love of Pete, no long walks in the woods (Ash). "Oh, look the magical woods are magical! Ooooh!" BO-RING. Nothing but filler and Ambien to me.

All that being said, Jim Butcher's faeries are ones that I can appreciate. They actually are dangerous and tricksy and alluring and... most of all, they are actually interesting. Butcher kept the dancing and whatnot to the barest minimum. He showed that's one of the reasons fae are dangerous, but didn't feel like he had to describe every single detail of the party. The magic had understandable parameters and rules, and there was not one single long walk in the woods. A+ Jim Butcher. You rule. :D

Plus, for extra credit, Jim threw in the CUTEST teensy faerie troops, with ranks like Caption and Star Jump and Loo Tender. A++dorable. :D

Moving on... I really enjoyed this book in the series. There was a lot of fae/Nevernever/Red Court politics, and I didn't really follow completely, but there was quite a lot jammed into this book to enjoy. I loved the brokenness of this book, and how just going on when we're hurting allows us to keep going on to help heal the hurt. There was a lot of, I dunno, philosophical wisdom that just felt so obvious coming from Harry, but is true nonetheless. I love when an author can make the important stuff come out in a realistic way, without feeling holier than thou or stuffy.

Can't wait to read the next in the series.
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message 1: by Trudi (new)

Trudi Becky wrote: "oh-so-scurry with all their dancing and laughing and pipe-playing blah-de-blah"

In the words of Homer Simpson, it's funny cause it's true. :D

Becky Heh... I know. Oh they are laughing and dancing and running through the woods! Let's chase them! This MUST be a good idea. Look how happy they are! :D

If I never read another book with that crap in it, I'll be thrilled. I just don't get the fascination. If I were to see a "fair folk" gathering in the woods, I'd be more annoyed than anything. Keep it down, you damn eternal whippersnappers! >:(

message 3: by Trudi (new)

Trudi LOL! Exactly!

Nyssa This was my 1st Favorite book of the series!! I was pulled in - hook, line & sinker - from this point on, and havn;t been disappointed yet!!

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