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Covet by J.R. Ward
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Mar 06, 14

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Read from April 28 to 29, 2012

seven humans. seven deadly sins. seven chances for redemption.

this. is. sparta angels versus demons. who would you bet on?

covet was... different. good different. and yes, ok, bad different. if you've ever read eoin colfer's the wishlist, this is a lot like that, only x-rated and not for the kiddies. basically, angels and demons are in the middle of a last hurrah. the gameplayer in this book? vincent dipietro, one bad dude with a 'tude who's bought more than he can afford for once (and considering that he is a multi-billionaire, this says a lot). this time, it's his soul that's on the table. and money isn't gonna buy him off, uh-uh.

that's why it's up to team angel to bail him out. except these are no ordinary angels. they ride motorcycles, they wear shitkickers (oh, how i hate that word. say 'combat boots!' please. pleasepleaseplease. i'll be your best friend if you do), they chew nails and poop cement. and they're so hardcore they don't even bother with punctuation. question marks? the only question that matters is whether or not they're gonna kick your butt from here to kingdom come. bitch.

i feel like ward tries too hard to make her characters bad-ass. and this shows through in the way they frequently dance around curse words, saying "frick" or "eff" instead of f***, or "arousal" or "length" instead of c*** or d***. i don't know any guys who refer to their manhandles as their 'arousal.' that's a woman thing. it's really ridiculous hearing it come from the mouth of a six-two muscle-bound bad-ass who's supposed to be able to crack tire irons over his knee. seriously.

also, her female characters are always so weak and two-dimensional. they fit into easy character niches, and can be described in a series of epithets. like, "evil enchantress" or "whore with the heart of gold" or "rebel without a cause" or "girl next door." not very interesting.

her sex scenes are steamy i suppose, if you can get past the flowery language and the 'oh my god this is the best sex evar!!!1! just looking at your face makes me come!!1!' (*sigh*) and the 'would you like to do it again. i know you would. that's why i didn't use a question mark' stuff, it's an ok read. i just wish that she explored the fantasy aspect of her novels in more depth because she has some really good ideas, and sometimes sex can hold you back from a story. i prefer rachelle mead's ya books, for example, to her adult books, because i feel like the plots are more developed. it would be interesting to see if the same holds true for ms. ward.

all in all, i'd say this book deserves its three-star rating. and since i'm not usually a fan of romances, that's pretty good. if you're a fan, check this one out. it's one of the better ones of its kind!
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04/28/2012 page 59
12.0% "so far, i'm impressed. covet is much better than the blackdagger brotherhood, although her constant use of the words 'shitkickers' and 'arousal' still makes me wince. also, what is it with manly men not using question marks? like, ever? real men don't use punctuation, i guess."

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