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Angel of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
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Apr 28, 2012

it was ok
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2.25 Stars

This books definitely straddles the line between o-k and good. Even writing this I'm sighing because I really wish I enjoyed it more than I did. I could see people really enjoy this, as it is an easy read, and some of the characters are good. But, that being said, overall for me, I found I didn't care for the lead characters Keenan and Nicole, and the story left a lot to be desired. When there are such good paranormal romance books/series' out there, this one really missed the mark.

In this one, Keenan is an angel of death. He's there to take the soul -with a single touch- when someone's life is ending. When he is unable to essentially end Nicole's life, he is cast out and down to earth as a fallen angel. After six months of searching he finally locates Nicole in Mexico, where he discovers that not only is she now a vampire but she is also being hunted by Carlos, a shifter, among others. A good portion of this book is Keenan and Nicole on-the-run, and it is as they are trying to avoid the bad guys that they learn one another including their mutual lust-filled attraction.

Beyond just the the two of them and Carlos, we also meet Sam. He is a fellow fallen angel who never seems to be quite good or evil (he's one of the better more intriguing characters). There is also Az the (mysterious)head Angel of Death who wants Nicole to die since she never should have been alive this long to begin with (and with her death may restore Keenan's angel status). While there are other minor side characters, to be quite honest, they simply weren't that memorable or really worth mentioning.

I think some of the reasons I couldn't love this was because I was very unsatisfied with various developments - story and character-driven - throughout. When Keenan becomes fallen, he learns emotions for the very first time, and this is including but not limited to anger, jealousy, and let's not forget lust (therefore it's safe to say the angel's a virgin). So when he demonstrates the skills of man with a lot experience with Nicole when they first hook up, and its explained that its because he's seen a lot, sex included, from watching people as an angel of death, I was like "puhh-lease". I understand that PNR's have accelerate timelines and are generally unrealistic on many many fronts, but sometimes it's simply too much and way over the top. In my opinion this book had a lot of cop-outs like that to explain various situations and holes, and this is simply one of the most memorable examples I can think of right now.

With regards to the "villains/enemies", Az and Carlos were the two predominant ones in the book. I preferred Az because he had that devoid of humanity attitude but cracks-were-showing air to him, and as a reader you were curious yet disliked him for the right reasons. I can see the author potentially making him a lead in a future book as it seems these fallen angels are described as anti-heros. And then there was Carlos. Carlos had to have been one of the most annoying worst villains I've ever read. Even though he already hated and hunted vamps, he was extra pissed because Nicole killed his brother (there is a small backstory for this) and now wanted revenge. His scenes were so redundant, where the same things were said and done over and over and over every time he hit the page. It's the one time I will say that with a villain like this, this book could have been condensed into a novella because if you take many elements into consideration, he never should have lived as long as he did. Although, to be fair, Nicole was a big reason why that idiot Carlos lasted as long as he did. She was an ok heroine, but there are much much better female leads out there. And to be frank, without Keenan she could and would have bit the biscuit in pretty much every fighting scene.

I'm not big on talking poorly about a book, and I didn't hate it, but I was disappointed. I just get the impression that this is a bit of a lazy-man's PNR: not enough effort to properly develop the overall story, its plot, subplots, and characters. But as mentioned, it is an easy read, it's not complex in the least, and some characters did peak my interest (Sam and Az). It's also the first book of a series, and I usually find them to be the weakest of the series.

Sam's book is up next. As mentioned, I didn't mind him as a character. He's been a fallen angel for a while now, was also an angel of death, and he is mysterious and does flirt between good and evil, so maybe it will be better than its predecessor. I don't know if i'll read the next one. Time will tell.
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