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Konfidenz by Ariel Dorfman
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Apr 28, 2012

really liked it
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Halfway through Konfidenz, the twisting and turning novel by Ariel Dorfman, I started to think about the Werner Herzog documentary, "Grizzly Man." In it, Timothy Treadwell decides that he is going to protect the grizzly bears from poachers until he was eaten by one. He saw something in the bears, a sort of companionship and compassion for him that did not exist. Treadwell considered these bears his friends and until the end, he did not think anything bad could happen to him. This companionship only existed in his delusional mind, and in the end he was wrong.

This also seems to be the case of Konfidenz. Konfidenz actually is referring to a con game. One of the most popular con game is three card monte, where the man on the street shuffles three cards on a fold up card table and you give him a dollar or five to guess which on the queen is. Of course even though there is a 33% chance of being right, this chance is made harder by the skill of the man shuffling the cards. he stacks them, grabs two with one hand and can flip either the top or the bottom card. He can move faster than your eye, and even though you think you might have kept track of the Queen, you are really only lucky if you get the card right.

These two ideas do not seem as if they are related and have nothing to do with the novel at all, but really, these two things are really relevant, more relevant to the story than me saying something like "I like this book because _______________" or "Ariel Dorfman's novel inspired me to question Max completely because __________________."

The best thing to do would be to find out if I am running my own game, I could be totally misleading you with this description, if I am the con man all along.
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