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In the Bag by Kate Klise
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Jun 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Recommended for: teens through adults
Read on June 06, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

This is Kate Klise’s first endeavor into the world of adult fiction…which due to the story itself, could easily be housed in the land of Young Adult without feeling like a wolf among sheep. In this story, we have a case of mistaken identity…of a case…a written note that was met with a heart full of skepticism despite its true intentions…and the mission of one bag to change the fate of four people for better or worse. It’s the actions of those that found and lost said bag that get things rolling, but fate seems to have a big hand in it all as well. It’s hilarious, it’s touching, it’s sweet, it’s not to be missed….which of course you’ve heard all before, but trust me, it applies.

Fans of her children’s fiction will not be disappointed as her popular style of storytelling is not completely erased despite the older audience aimed for. The appearance of correspondence throughout the book from the handwritten note to the emails that fly back and forth between Coco and Webb work wonders to put you right there in the story while giving it that air of familiarity that can’t be denied. Another deja vue moment? The included illustrations when day turns to night. The images depicted give readers a glimpse of what’s forthcoming in the next few chapters, but only enough to peek your interest while not spoiling the fun. I know, I know…pictures in an ADULT fiction book, and yet…it works REALLY well. Now on to the characters…

Daisy and Andrew are the slightly jaded adults just trying to make their way through another trip abroad. Daisy is there for pleasure with her daughter Coco; Andrew is there for work with his son Webb. All work and no play makes for one stressed out papa, but the same can be said about all play when a work opportunity that will also help out a friend is staring you in the face. Let’s just say they’d be a match made in heaven if their paths would only cross…and cross they do but they end up more crossed than anything else. It’s rather funny and a great example of how one should not assume what another means nor what their intentions are….just ask them to speak their mind already! SO much confusion could be afforded. Now on to the teens…

Coco is just graduating high school with college right around the corner, a good girl (too good at times according to Mom) and smart as a whip….Webb is right along the same paths as well, though his Dad wishes he would become technology challenged for a while at least and enjoy the European landscape. Their chance email encounter due to the bag switcheroo is entertaining to say the least…especially when they are trying to sort out if they each are who they say they are. Never has a case of “mistaken identity” been captured so fully and full of life as this….well, that I’ve seen so far at least.

Plans are made, dates are set and gasp! They agree to meet, swap bags, and maybe numbers if all goes well….but as this one is more contemporary fiction, it is given free reign to have things go wrong that can go wrong. It mostly boils down to a lack of communication…which again is pretty ironic since that’s what they were doing this whole time…and bottled up feelings, but it translates to a story you won’t be able to put down. The pages fly by and before you know it, you’ve reached the end….and although its not the one you thought you were speeding towards, it’s perfect just the same.

A great summer reading pick for young adult readers and beyond! If you enjoy a fast flowing story of mishaps, chance encounters, potential connections missed and gained, as well as time spent in a foreign land, this one is most certainly for you. There are moments that are smile inducing, moments of frustration, kindness shown and forgiveness given…but mostly there are the moments we stumble and share through a life well lived that lead us down those often unexpected but truly worthwhile paths that memories are made of. A grand adventure you won’t be able to put down that celebrates the value of the written word...

*review copy received in exchange for my honest review

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06/06/2012 page 44
14.0% "I love how the author creates the voices of the characters utilizing all forms of communication. It's the same thing that makes her kid's series so much fun."
06/07/2012 page 52
16.0% "Hey...not ALL of those things qualify you as a old man/woman ... *-*"
06/07/2012 page 55
17.0% "Interesting taste for a teen..."
06/07/2012 page 56
18.0% "Loving the emails...and yes, Coco, I feel the same way... ^_^"
06/07/2012 page 58
18.0% "Matching peasant this I have to see! LOL."
06/07/2012 page 61
19.0% "Perhaps I shouldn't read this where others can see me chuckling at random. ^-^"
06/07/2012 page 63
20.0% "The change in font was a nice touch..hints at the emotional connection to the person it was sent from."
06/07/2012 page 63
20.0% "Whoa...simmer down Daisy! Oye how easily things can be misunderstood!"
06/07/2012 page 64
20.0% "Whoa....and we have ANOTHER connection...."
06/07/2012 page 69
22.0% "The included illustrations/pictures again bring me back to her children's series....but in a good way. Who says adult books CAN'T have pictures too? It adds another aspect of the story to explore as we make our way to Madrid. Yep, MADRID!"
06/07/2012 page 80
25.0% ""Whiskey Tango Foxtrot..."....HA! Love it. Gotta remember that one..."
06/07/2012 page 81
25.0% "Oooh...checkmate!"
06/07/2012 page 103
32.0% "Aw, poor Andrew. Buck up man, all's not lost yet..."
06/07/2012 page 113
35.0% "Yes, Webb....this IS fun. ^_^"
06/07/2012 page 122
38.0% "Ha! Wrong again Andrew...LOL. *snicker*"
06/07/2012 page 124
39.0% "Well, duh! THAT'S what daughters do best....I should know... ^_^"
06/07/2012 page 127
40.0% "Oooh...sneaky yet smart move. Keep the 'rents satisfied and meet Blouse Girl."
06/07/2012 page 129
40.0% "Okay, seriously...only read this when others won't keep staring at your random bursts of mirth. LOL!"
06/07/2012 page 175
55.0% "Huh. Well that's an intersting detail. Insignificant in the long run I suppose...or wait, maybe not..."
06/07/2012 page 270
84.0% "Ah fate...sometimes your way is the ONLY way...."
06/07/2012 page 285
89.0% "OMG. I think I know where this hold up is heading... *eek*"
06/07/2012 page 320
100.0% "Done..and ended with a smile on my face! It's wonderful when you finish a book like this...bittersweet (because it's over...until you re-read it) but wonderful. Review to come..."

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