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The Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond
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Apr 28, 2012

it was ok
Read from May 03 to 08, 2012

I really wanted to love this book more then I did. Although for me it was not an amazing read, it had it's moments that kept me reading and in the end this was an OK read.
Seeing as how the book is called The Summer of No Regrets, I figured this book would be about a light summery read. Hanging out with your friends on the beach, falling in love and watching the sun set, you know.. doing all of that mushy stuff, that makes summer cheesy reads so addicting. But what I read was way different, in fact there was no beach fun.
Brigitta had the most strangest parents. Really. Brigitta really had no religion. So when her father decides to be Shaman (in case you was wondering, this is like a magic religion, ummm.. here is the Wikipedia link). He does somethings that are so embarrassing for her, as well as for me as a reader, I would have literally died.
Brigitta is just your average normal girl, with this normal life shared with her crazy family who live in this kind of house that I still am trying to picture. Their house fits the ways of the Shaman, and i just didn't get the mental image. At all. Her family was just really odd. And no I am not just saying that. The one that seemed to be a little normal was her mother. The father & sister just really, wow. No words besides. Embarrassing.

What saved this book for me was the second half of this book. Even though it still was still not mind blowing, it saved the book and kept me reading. Even though it was still a bit slow, and a tad boring.
Brigitta meets Luke, and that is when for me the story took a whole new turn. If the first half was maybe erased, and added something a little different then yes. But for me the first part was just not needed.
After a close encounter with a being attacked by Cougar, and then trying to capture & save the Cougar, is is shot, so after going on a walk and finding the cougars babies, they decide to take care of them. Together. But because of their love for animals they bonded more. That was a really great part of the story, and it was nice to see Brigitta and Luke become closer and closer.
Natalie, Brigitta's friend, really thinks that Luke looks like the movie-star Trent Yves. While plays coy and says no, in the back of her mind she cannot help by thinking that yes, he does look like Trent. The story turned fun being filled with the mystery of "is Luke Trent or Not?"
So then you get to follow along with the mystery there.
Near the end of the book I really started enjoying it. I really didn't like the talk about religion. I am not against it, no. But it seemed that the whole beginning had to deal with it, and the weirdness of her father. I mean, really. The talk that filled a lot of the book about her Grandparent who died a year go. I mean I HAVE lost 3 grandparents. I know it's very sad. But to make this character seem as though she had had such a hard life, is rather NOT good with me. Because that does not make you have such a horrible life or whatever... Even though I really liked Luke, as a character, I did not buy their relationship. I just didn't connect to them like that, or Brigitti as a character. I knew nothing about her really after reading this book.
This just was not the perfect book for me. But do not let me be the judge for you. I just really could not connect. I really liked Luke, and the baby cougars... but that is about it.

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