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Fair Coin by E.C. Myers
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May 13, 2012

it was ok
Read in April, 2012

I have mixed feelings about this book, but I'm disappointed for sure.
It's not bad though. It's a quick and easy read, good to spend a boring afternoon with.

The difference between the first and the second half of the book felt very distinct.
At first, for all we know, the coin is magical. It even fits the stories, as wishes don't always turn out entirely good, if ever. To me, it was really annoying to see how Ephraim handled that magical coin, and the things he did or "suffered" from.
I was expecting a mysterious story, given the strange things that had happened in the beginning. But it's all about Ephraim trying to get together with his crush in many dumb ways, while - as a side-effect of his wishes - he, unfortunately, manages to pull another hot and popular girl, resulting in a love triangle... Poor fella.
Most of his actions are simply illogical, if we look at his knowledge of the coin. Like, when he tells Nathan about the coin, his friend's reactions to the obvious proofs are simply ridiculous.

The second half begins when the true nature of the coin is revealed. The science of it is very shaky though, the coin is still closer to Harry Potter's wand than to a believable sci-fi device. And I felt that the scientific explanations didn't really fit together with the first half's magical results when the coin was used.
Their "plan" in the end is overcomplicated and silly, but the epilogue-like final part - when they try to smooth things out - is even more unnecessary.
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Fair Coin was okay. Definitely not a to-read-again nominee, but it was a good entertainment for the day.
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