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Brent by Wynn Wagner
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Apr 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

“I believe that nothing in life is coincidence, everything that happens to us is part of our destiny. We meet the right people at the right moment in our lives when we need it. It does not happen before or after; it just happens at the right moment.” ~ Lilly

For Brent, of 'Brent The Heart Reader' by Wynn Wagner, life doesn't seem all that fantastic. In fact, it seems downright awful, yet Brent holds on to the truth that things will turn out for the best. As his past is cleared away, literally in some instances and figuratively in others, he struggles with his purpose. Brent attracts wonderful people who chose to travel with him as Brent journeys toward a better understanding of himself and his true purpose. After serious soul searching, Brent is able to put things in perspective and accept the gift of love which the Universe is offering him.

I identified with Brent right away, probably because I've been through some of the spiritual dilemmas that he's experienced. He's a wounded healer, able to help everyone but himself. Even though he complains a lot, he does so with a great sense of humor; it's his way of processing life. Brent is a good friend, he has a good heart; and he's continually giving of himself without receiving. Brent is trying to find his balance in a very confusing world, which often seems to be conspiring against him. I admire his strength and his tenacity as he goes against the grain; Brent is true to himself. He strives to always choose the high road, even though he knows it will be more difficult.

Wynn expertly weaves the mystical elements into the story, illustrating the concepts by examples, in Brent's, his lover, Takota's, and the other characters' emotional, physical, and spiritual reactions to them. This approach enables the reader to be able appreciate and join in their experiences, rather than merely having educational but emotionless words explaining the concepts.

I guessed from the subject matter, and the gorgeous cover, that I would like this book, but it was even better than I had imagined. Wynn's style is fast, witty, cheeky, sensual, intimate, and informative. It's a very fulfilling story with lots of emotional ups and downs, suspense, intrigue, spirituality, balance, and love. It reminds us that everything, especially the Universe, requires balance and that every cause has an effect. If you're up for a sensual love story which is very pleasurable, but very informative as well, 'Brent the Heart Reader' may be for you. Wynn, thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom with me and making me think.

NOTE: This book was provided by Mystic Ways Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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