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Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb
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Apr 28, 2012

really liked it
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I really enjoyed this outing. It was far less dark than when Eve has to run after active serial killers with special m.o.s - (view spoiler).

What was the most fun was that because of the plot - Eve being confronted with a movie team making a movie out of Nadine Furst's book about the Icove clone case - she met all those actors who were portraying her friends and loved ones - and the reactions where just too fun.

Then we get the murder of a person that just about everyone else under suspicion didn't like or had a legitimate grudge against and we get Eve and Peabody slowly finding their way to the killer but needing to get his confession or at least more evidence, etc.

It's just a pleasure (especially as I have no idea about real police work) to follow Eve's reasoning and everything falling into place. I could read a book about these people with no crime happening, no problem. Even the harrowing experience of Eve in Dallas in the last book gets addressed and sort-of dealt with. Morris feels more settled, too.

La Nora has everyone else paired off, why not find someone good for Morris? Oh and I liked the PR god Kung that was introduced this time. I hope he's not another one who dies a book or two later - La Nora has done that twice before, I don't need to read that device again.
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Timothy I have to wonder if Nora Roberts isn't getting back at the US television series CASTLE a little for, um, periodic "borrowing" from her series - especially in how easily Eve Dallas could step into Kate Beckett's heels without missing a beat (well, until she started muttering, "Who the F**k wears ankle-killers on the job, anyway?", and threw them across the room!). Bits of this read like the third-season CASTLE episode "Niki Heat", where Beckett has the actress playing a fictionalized version of herself following her around, and gets seriously creeped out by it....

Estara I obviously need to watch CASTLE at some point. You're not the only genre-fan of my online acquaintance who has posted about that show.

You know, every contemporary romance author, I believe, has been trying to imitate La Nora somewhere and she only goes after the clearly stealing people (Janet Daily/Dailey -sp?) - because who else has sold as many books as she has - and with her output, a bit of satire is probably all she has time for.

Timothy Estara wrote: "I obviously need to watch CASTLE at some point. You're not the only genre-fan of my online acquaintance who has posted about that show.

CASTLE is a not-very-good cop show-light romantic adventure about a smart-but-goofy mystery writer following a butt-kicking woman cop - that only succeeds on the likeability of its cast, and Nathan Fillion's cult appeal. His female co-star, Stana Katic, plays Det. Kate Beckett - and from the moment I first saw her in action I went, "There's Eve Dallas!" She's one of the major contenders in the "Who could play Eve Dallas in a movie?" threads - along with Angie Harmon and Mariska Hargitay (who could have done Eve in the Nineties, but is a bit too old for the role now).

Estara I think Eve Dallas would work best as a mini-series. With limited episodes and a big budget to get the atmosphere right ^^. Then again La Nora never had problems selling her romances as tv-movies, so if she'd get an offer, who knows...

Timothy Problem is, Estara - Mel Gibson's company got the rights about a decade or so back, put out a miserable screenplay that combined the first three books into a movie script (because the main reason we read the series is to see Eve get married!)...and then sort of gave up on it.

Estara Phew. Narrow escape. Then maybe a computer game series might work? I really liked the Hidden Object/romance game that was made out of the first Bride Quartet romance: Vision in White.

Of course that is aimed at her romance loving casual gaming women audience, but I'm sure a good company could turn Eve Dallas in a great video series, too. Adventure and action, maybe?

In any case I'd rather not have any tv-version of her than have a horrible one.

Timothy Estara, I think a series on one of the premium cable networks like HBO or Showtime would work, where they could get closer to how she writes the Eve Dallas books. OTOH, I have nightmares of Lifetime, which has adapted a lot of Nora Roberts romances, deciding to try doing it as a series...!

Estara You have a point there ^^. Although I did like a few of the Lifetime romance adaptations. Then again we didn't get them all licensed in Germany so I may have been spared the utmost crap.

message 9: by Timothy (last edited Jul 31, 2012 11:28AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Timothy Estara wrote: "You have a point there ^^. Although I did like a few of the Lifetime romance adaptations. Then again we didn't get them all licensed in Germany so I may have been spared the utmost crap."

The Lifetime Movies tend to be cheaply produced (either in Canada or the US South) and stars whoever's currently on a hit television show or recently was on one, some aging "name" like Jacqueline Bisset or Fay Dunaway in a supporting role, and models or soap hunks - so you'll see Fiona from BURN NOTICE starring with some generic soap hunk, or Sam from QUANTUM LEAP romancing Logan's replacement partner on LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT! I suspect they make most of their money from sales to non-US markets, like Germany where you are....

An Eve Dallas series would cost more than a present-day direct-to-cable movie - but SYFY manages to do some fairly impressive work on tight budgets with shows like EUREKA and ALPHAS. The bigger problem, at least for television executives, is whether or not the IN DEATH series has a big enough audience to draw (and keep) people on a pay-cable network, and if a mystery series with lots of sex that's mainly between a married couple can draw the young male "Yo! Boobs!" audience that separates pay cable from basic cable and over-the-air US television.

One of the issues with HBO's generally excellent adaptation of George RR Martin's GAME OF THRONES is their frequent and gratuitous use of nudity and sex scenes during dialogue exchanges - almost as if they're terrified that if they don't include those they're not fulfilling their "Uncensored!" mandate. They even modified Littlefinger's character into that of a pimp so they could set lots of scenes in his whorehouse - with GRRM's approval. I shudder to think how much of the show might shift to taking place at The Down and Dirty, or one of Roarke's strip clubs....

Another concern is how often the actors playing Roarke and especially Eve would have to get naked or at least topless if the show was on pay cable. That would limit the talent pool considerably - and might toss my main choice Stana Katic right out! Moreover, given US pay cable's feelings about nudity, Eve being small-breasted might be a serious issue....

At least a Lifetime or other basic cable series wouldn't require Huge! Tracts! Of Land!.... :/

Estara Hmm. Excellent enumeration of likely problems and possible developments (it all sounds very plausible to me) - so I throw my vote for best possible adaptation to making an anime out of the series ^^. One of the noirish ones, if possible created by the makers of Cowboy Bebop.


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