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Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny  Lawson
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Apr 27, 12

I love The Bloggess and have been a reader for a while so I was very excited to get this book and hear her crazy stories. The stories ARE great, just as expected. However, the writing is a bit... bloggy. All of the footnotes and asides and excited exclamations are distracting in book form. I realized that the blog is written almost exactly the same way, except that I am reading it daily or weekly or whatever and not in chapters. There is a big difference there. Short bursts of frenetic writing are great, entire books are draining.

The stories that she tells are worth buying and reading this book, but bring your patience and don't plan to read at length. I would highly recommend that this be read piece-by-piece, like you would a blog. Otherwise, you're likely to feel overwhelmed by the pacing and the back-and-forth.

Also, I have to admit that I was surprised that she dared to write anything (albeit only slightly) negative about the Mom Blog crowd at all. She was very reserved, obviously, and instead made every comment at her own expense (like attending the Broad Summit and feeling out of place in Target clothes). Seeing as how The Bloggess is a "well known" lady blogger and is given very special accommodation at BlogHer (much to everyone's delight), it was a bit shocking to hear ANYTHING slightly negative about other blogger ladies in the "upper echelon" of the blogosphere. Although the end of that chapter did back-pedal a bit and ended with a lot of praise for the event and its participants, I really felt that she was biting her tongue for the sake of not getting on anyone's bad side. Which is too bad. I would have appreciated hearing an "every-woman's" tale of what it's like to walk among the celebrity bloggers without having to say OH BUT THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL just for the sake of being left at the geek table. This book is on the NY Times bestsellers list - obviously, there are enough of us 'geeks' to keep her company if she wasn't allowed at the Cool Table.
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