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Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich
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Sep 04, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: 2008, she-is-tstl, chick-lit
Read in September, 2008

This is the tenth installment (obviously) of Stephanie Plum's misadventures. In this one, she tangles with some dangerous street gangs and her life is in serious danger. Although, I like this series, I'm becoming increasingly irritated with Stephanie. Well first I will have to say I'm on Team Morelli and I want her to grow up and stop acting like a child. Joe wants her to settle down with him and for her to get a less dangerous job--or none at all. He threw out the suggestion of 'housewife' to her. I think they could compromise, but both are too stubborn in their ways. Then there is Ranger. I like Ranger a lot, and I agree he is way sexy. I just don't want him with Stephanie. What is she doing saying she's pretty sure she loves Joe, yet she kisses Ranger every other week? The main story lines are usually wrapped up pretty quickly in the Plus series. However, with this one, I think how she is saved at the end is a bit of a stretch, even for Plum.
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message 1: by CJ - It's only a Paper Moon (last edited Jan 27, 2009 03:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon I am also Team Morelli. I'm about 80 pages into this book and I like how Joe and Steph are but I know where it's going to end up just from experience and the synopsis. I love Ranger and I love the way he adds a bit of danger...but yeah, it's time to actually pick a side and stay there.

Miss Kim Hey, someone that agrees with me! I was thinking I was taking the books to seriously, LOL.

CJ - It's only a Paper Moon Kim wrote: "Hey, someone that agrees with me! I was thinking I was taking the books to seriously, LOL."

Nope! My review is pretty much the same as yours. I def can appreciate Ranger but it seems that the 'stuck in a rut' relationship of Joe and Steph (the whole moving out when things get tough or the arguing over the job) can be worked out if just one of them would give.

By the way, did you catch the thought she had when Ranger demanded she stay in his apartment? Steph compared Ranger's demand to Joe's demand and cited it as the reason why she walked out on Joe.

Sigh. No, not taking it too seriously. lol

Miss Kim Its been a few months since I read it, but it sounds like something she would do. I didn't want her staying in his apartment anyway.

Melynna About the ending -- I swear they get less plausible every book. These are probably the first books I've ever read where that actually doesn't bother me very much. They're silly enough already that I can let it go.

And I can't bring myself to really be team anyone. I lean Morelli, but I really don't think they should be in a relationship until she's done being a bounty hunter. I can imagine with how terrible it would be to worry about someone you love, but that doesn't mean she should have to quit her job for him. She needs to quit mooning after guys and start getting serious if she really wants to be like Ranger.

Miss Kim Part of that is what made me take a break. Plus, the love part is usually very minor in each book. It's mostly Stephanie being TSTL.

Miss Kim I really loved the first few.

Beth I still love them, but would like to see Steph & Morelli get over it and get together. Ranger doesn't want to be with Steph...he told her in #9...or was it #8? He's an opportunist. I'd really love to see Stephanie get just a *little* bit smarter...please?

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