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Confessor by Terry Goodkind
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Apr 27, 12

it was ok

I put most of my review for the whole series under books 1 - 5. But since this is the last book I read, I'll add a little more. Basically, I can't believe I read through the whole thing. The rape and violence got so gratuitous after 11 books. They just seemed to drag on and on forever, and all I wanted was to find out an ending for Richard and Kahlan. And the repetition! My god, if I had to read about Richard's raptor gaze or how lonely it was at the Keep one more time I was going to scream. It seemed like he just kept certain common paragraphs from all of the books in a file and copied and pasted them from book to book. Then, the personalities of most of the characters just became so flat as the novels progressed. For example, what the heck happened to Zedd? He was a funny live-wire in the beginning, but he ended up like a bitter old man who hardly knew anything. **see spoiler below**

Also, what happened to the whole storyline about Richard and Kahlan's future child? I know there are a couple more books after this one, and I gather Terry is writing more. But I won't be reading them. Eleven books of this tripe were plenty for me. I've moved on to series that are actually intelligent and well written, like Lyonesse and Earthsea.

Case in point - why on earth did Adie end up with someone else instead of Zedd?

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