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Who We Are by T.J. Klune
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May 03, 2012

really liked it
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Read from April 27 to May 03, 2012

There were plenty of times reading this book that I felt transported back in time. Bear and Otter were as I remembered them, sweet and cute, Bears inner ramblings I found fascinating again. The Kid was perfect. Funny and smart and totally heartbreakingly adorable. Dominic was a welcome addition to their story. I wish we could of read Dominic and the Kid meeting for the first time, (again?) I even liked Isaiah, he had a certain charm lol.

The thoughts and emotions this book generated were truly wonderful, I laughed and cried (although not the sobbing I did in book one, although the ocean scene came close).

For me personally though, there were places in this book that didn’t seem to fit. Sometimes, the humour felt forced, Mrs Paquinn almost ended up as a caricature, she was just a bit too over the top. Anna was in danger of being the typical Know-it-all female bitch so many authors resort to, and the story line regarding Bears mother failed to live up to my hopes and expectations.

But despite my personal issues I loved reading more on Bear Otter and the Kid, I really did. And judging from all the other reviews these issues are purely my own.

I really hope this is not the last time we get to catch up with these guys. I definitely want to see where that epilogue takes them all. Maybe book 3 will start up Seven years later lol.

Well done again TJ. You pulled off a hat trick lol.

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Quotes Deeze Liked

T.J. Klune
“Round 5: Telling him I felt bad about the puppy-shirt thing, I told him
we could go pick out a dog at the pound now that we had a yard for it.
Instead, I took him to the dentist. Winner: Bear “Rock Star” McKenna.”
T.J. Klune, Who We Are

T.J. Klune
“I think you are seriously overestimating my dancing abilities. My kind of dancing usually ends up on the Internet, where people watch it so they can stop feeling sorry about their own lives. You know how people say they have two left feet? It's like I have no feet and my stumps are attached to wheels shaped like triangles.”
T.J. Klune, Who We Are

T.J. Klune
“Otter pulls me up to the bar and leans over. “What’s wrong? You stink!”
he shouts.
I glare at him. “I smell fine, you asshole. I used your cologne.”

He rolls his eyes and comes closer, his lips against my ear. I shiver. “I
said, what do you want to drink?”
T.J. Klune, Who We Are

Reading Progress

04/27/2012 "Time to see if Mr Klune can make it a hat trick!!"
27.0% "The Kid is still my favorite, but a drunken Bear runs a close second "
45.0% "Did Anna really need to act like an over protected she wolf? Really? Talk about over reacting. "
59.0% "Well the tears started. Loved the flash backs. But that Shrink/therapist? WTH. Sorry that did not fit the story at all."
62.0% " OK The Kid just broke mt heart, and I have to stop and go out. Lifes so not fair "
71.0% "Mrs Paquinn is starting to anoy me now. Does the she ever have a non sexual thought in her head?"
83.0% "Not sure how I feel at the moment. I think its a cross between cheated and disapointed." 3 comments
87.0% "Bears thoughts are were so real in this part. The ocean scene could of been pure fact not fiction. " 3 comments
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L'marie Enjoy your book while I suffer away at work. And by suffer, I mean sitting at my desk on GR drinking coffee and eating a cinnamon roll, lol!

message 2: by Td (new)

Td Have fun, Dee!
Cinnamon roll sounds good, mmmm...

Deeze OK Well after that prologue I'm not sure what to say lol. Can't wait till everyone else starts talking on the group.

R.B. Have fun, I'll start tomorrow ;-)

message 5: by Vio (new) - added it

Vio Go Dee.............

L'marie I said "WTF?" when he did the laptop lookup but I did enjoy what he was able to get out of Bear. And, I laughed at Otter's first comment to him.

Deeze Yeah it was that Laptop lookup that just killed things for me. I could go with the accentric bit, but that was just too much for me in a serious story. That belongs more in a straight out comedy. But its just a personal peeve lol. I'm sure most ppl found it funny.

L'marie She cracked me my mind she was like Betty White.

L'marie Well, you know I love it but I have a few lil'issues...can't wait to talk about this one.

Deeze Hi L'marie. Yeah it should be a good discussion once everyones finished lol. I really did like it too. These are among my favorite book characters.

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