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Jamie's Merman by Daisy Harris
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Apr 27, 2012

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Read on April 27, 2012

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there.

I was somewhat skeptical when I first started this book since I can't really say I have a thing for fish, even if they are of the human/shifter variety. However, Daisy Harris did manage to break me of my prejudice after just a few paragraphs and I found her Merman to be cute and funny.

Jamie is a guy who works in a bar by the lake and has a tendency of collecting strays. This particular day he was all set on enjoying a sunny afternoon with his boat in the middle of water while the weekend rush was over and the coast was clear. The last thing he expected was a half-dead looking guy in a fish costume to plop into his boat and ask for sex.

Yeah, I pretty much laughed the whole first half of the book. Some expressions and jokes were a bit over-used but I still thought them funny and kept on reading. The introduction of Sally, Martin's designated mate in their world, gave me a fright for a moment where I thought all three of them might end up together – I was so not okay with that. Fortunately Martin and Jamie do make a couple by the end and without any extra people in the mix.

The second part of the book really wasn't as good as the first and it all seemed a bit rushed. In addition, there was none of the extra sweetness and sexual tension that I'd found to be very appealing in Daisy Harris's College Boys. This was a typical paranormal kind-of-romance where it was obvious from the start who would end up together and without all the necessary connections a couple should have once we remove the paranormal element. They were just designated to end up together and all the effort to make them actually fit together was skipped.

However, I do find Daisy Harris to be funny in her tales and her guys promising. I'll probably be reading the second book in the series as well.

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