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Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
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Jul 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 30 to July 08, 2012

** spoiler alert ** [warning! Spoiler ahead]

Artemis fowl is a series of 8 fantasy novels written by Eoin Colfer. The first part , Artemis fowl is about a 12 year old criminal mastermind  Artemis  and his adventures with the mystical creatures of the underworld.

This story is about Artemis Fowl II a 12 year old boy genius who uses his intelligence to obtain wealth to restore his family's wealth by stealing /getting hold of fairy gold. He is the son of Artemis Fowl a criminal who was thought to have drowned and died [his body was never found]. He lives with his mother in the FowlManor. His mother is insane because of the untimely death of Artemis Fowl I . The story starts when Artemis gets to know about a Book which is owned by fairies , leprechauns other mystical creatures and it contained information about fairies , their laws, their history , their rules and their weaknesses. He manages to steal a copy of the Book by tricking an old fairy. He translates it from gnommish using egyptian hieroglyphs and software. In the Book he reads about a ritual that might help him get hold of a leprechaun to get fairy gold. It says that to renew magic , a leprechaun must take an acorn of an ancient oak on a full moon night and plant it somewhere else . He then starts searching for such sites and after 4 months of searching , Artemis and Butler [body gaurd of Artemis ] manage to tranquilize and capture a female leprechaun Holly who is actually an officer in LEP . Foaly , a technically mindede centaur working as a guide for Holly realizes that Holly has been abducted as he lost contact with her . He also informs Root the commander of LEP . They manage to track Holly to the Manor with a tracking device on Holly . Before entering the Manor the centaur activates a time stop device around the Manor . Root and the LEP team enter the house with a shielding ability . But Artemis knew about the ability , so he could see them using a high frame rate camera. Butler manages to destroy the LEP officer other than Root. So, now Root is forced to go in as a negotiator . He goes in and then Artemis asks him for a ransom of 1metric ton of fairy gold. Afte exiting the Manor , Root sends in Mulch , a kleptomaniac dwarf who had broken into human dwellings before , to dig his way into the Fowl Manor . He explores and finds out that Artemis owned the book , because of which he got to know the secrets of the fairies . He then came out of the mansion. Meanwhile Holly managed to chip off a tile piece from the ground in the room in which she was held captive. She then plants the stolen acorn into the ground and gets back her powers . She then makes her way to the living room . Then Root gives Artemis the gold . Then they send in a troop to the Manor to buy them some time to get Holly and the gold. But Holly and Butler manage to dispose off the troll . Before handing over Holly Artemis requests her to cure his mother for half the gold that he had received . She cures his mother and leaves . Root then plans to send in a bio bomb to wipe out the living beings within the time stop. But though they send the bio bomb artemis manages to escape the bomb by escapes the time stop by sleeping. He realizes that the only way to escape the time stop is to sleep as he saw that his mother could not sleep though she wanted to . Because he manages to escape with the gold he can keep it forever and the fairies can't steal it / get it back as they are bound by the laws in the Book. look below

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Artemis fowl 
Artemis fowl 
Mrs. Fowl
Holly short
Mulch diggums
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