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The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
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Apr 30, 12

This is an excellently written book and had I gone strictly by quality of writing and story I might have gone to all the way to five stars. However it's not really the type of story I look for and really enjoy so had I one with personal likes all the way it would probably have been a three...so a four.

Let me first explain. I'm not typically a reader of what would be called the "coming of age" tale or the "family saga". This is both as we follow the story of the del Valle family through a succession of that families women members. It is compelling and well told. It's tragic and painful and sad in many ways and on multiple levels.

The story largely swirls around Clara and Rosa (the Beautiful), Blanca and Alba. It also concerns the men in and around their lives mostly evil, cruel or stupid but not quite all. The book also contains a large dose of "revolutionary (basically communist) politics and a touch of the paranormal.

Clara and Rosa are the youngest and oldest daughters of the family. Clara is clairvoyant (no word play intended) or possibly precognitive would be a better word, though she shows signs of both. This trait reaches throughout the entire book and seems to touch most of the lives in one way or another. By the same token Rosa the Beautiful born with green hair and yellow eyes who is the most striking and beautiful girl seen by anyone who's ever seen her (view spoiler) has a presence that also overshadows people's lives long after he presence.

I know some of you will absolutely love this book where I was often not really into it you will be enthralled. I can only say try this one for yourself. It is exceptionally well written.
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Jesus Saldivia HUZZAH!!!

Jesus Saldivia This is so great Mike. Glad you liked it! It's my favorite book as i told you before. And my favorite character is Esteban. Btw, the movie sucks.

message 3: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited Apr 30, 2012 02:42PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mike (the Paladin) My daughter saw the movie, I never have. I'm not sure how she felt about it. Don't know I'd say I "liked it" as it's a very heavy read. Hard to describe. Descriptive words sometimes are inadequate. There's a very sad book, Julius Winsome, that I recommend to everyone. I don't think that I can say "like" about a book so full of pain, but I do value it. Hard to describe. I tried to transmit that. Some will love it (as you do) others may not get into the struggles in the book and some of the ideas in it. Undoubtedly an exceptional book however.

By the way...Julius Winsome: A Novel.

Jesus Saldivia Ok, i'll check it out! Thanks!

message 5: by Avleen (new)

Avleen I just stumbled onto the book's goodreads, and saw your review. How positive, I'll definitely be checking out this series!

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