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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 3 by Brian Michael Bendis
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Apr 28, 2012

really liked it
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Read from April 26 to 28, 2012

Guess what’s coming?

Yep, but I’ll leave that alone until the next volume. I assumed that this would be full of all kind of ominous foreshadowing regarding Spider-Man’s upcoming doom, but it really plays out like just another chapter in the life of the Ultimate version of Peter Parker where he‘s still a teenager struggling with high school and often overwhelmed by his life as a superhero.

I’d missed the previous volume so not sure why Iceman and The Human Torch are living with Peter and Aunt May along with Gwen Stacy now. A villain copycatted Spider-Man’s identity and went on a crime spree so the public has turned on him, and Chameleon also pretended to be Peter and royally screwed up his life yet again. So young Mr. Parker is in a bit of a funk. But you can’t keep a good Spider-Man down, and he’s soon picking up the pieces and moving on.

New SHIELD director Carol Danvers is at wit’s end regarding the teenage superhero because he’s obviously one of the good guys, but his battles tend to endanger the public and cause huge property damage. After Carol consults with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, she decides that she’s going to require Spider-Man to start training with the older heroes. This leads to a terrific and funny storyline with Peter and Aunt May interacting with Tony Stark. Then we get an entertaining story about Spider-Man and Iron Man teaming up to take on Mysterio and the Black Cat who are fighting over a magical object.

In another twist, J. Jonah Jameson, the media mogul who has hounded the webslinger relentlessly in his newspaper, has learned that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but thanks to a near death experience, he now realizes that he’s been making life miserable for a guy dedicated to making the world a better place. JJJ pledges that he’s going to do everything he can to protect and help Spider-Man from now on, including keeping his identity secret. That’s one of those great twists on the familiar storylines that Marvel does so well in the Ultimate line.

But wait, isn’t the clock ticking? What’s with all the stuff that will seem to pay off only in future comics if they’re going to just kill him…. Oh, Brian Michael Bendis, you evil genius. You gave us a bunch of stories of Peter just living his life and highlighting once again what a good and decent person he is just before you murder him to make the impact that much worse when it happens. Clever bastard.
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