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Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale
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Apr 26, 12

Read in March, 2012

This story immediately captured my attention and made me tear up on several occasions. Poor Rosie! Not only did she just lose her mother, but she finds out that her mother isn't her mother! Now she has no clue who she is and no clue what to move on to when she eventually initiates the "healing process." I didn't like Sarah really, because I didn't think it was her decision to make, but who knows what they would do in a horribly sad situation like that!? I though Sarah was written really well though, because she was so human. I empathized with her difficult choice and situation, even though I disagreed with the decision she made. So many lives were upturned by her revelation, but really, it was Rosie's choice to do what she wanted with the information.

The only thing I didn't like about Rosie is that I felt she took too much upon herself, even though I can absolutely relate to that, because I'm the same way. My biggest qualm with this though is that, out of everyone, she should have trusted Andy enough to talk to him, at least to smooth things over from their "break-up" that wasn't even really a break up. If she had talked to him from the beginning, when her mother got really sick, then there wouldn't have been any misunderstanding between them about why she missed their first trip and he would have done anything he could to help her with her mother and to find her birth mother. I really liked Andy overall because his reaction to Rosie's behavior, without knowing any of the truth, seemed pretty realistic. He had all the right emotions in all the right places, at the right times, but not mechanically, not in a way that was unbelievable. In fact, I think all the characters reacted appropriately (with realistic expectations).

The plot of this story was really good. I loved how the twists kept coming and characters kept being added. I was slightly confused by the parallel story lines, but towards the books end I was able to sort it out and understand who was who and what was what. I initially thought the separate story line (not Rosie's) was her biological mother's flashbacks, and it almost seems like it was intentionally meant to be thought of that way until we meet Holly and understand her story line and what's happening in her life.

Another subplot of the book, Huntington's disease, was really moving and sad. It really sets so many things into motion, so, I guess you could actually say that nearly all of Rosie's actions are motivated by the disease. I mean, does she find out if she has it, does she find her mother's biological daughter and tell her about it, does she potentially ruin someones life? Will that character see it as Rosie ruining her life or giving her a chance? How about her biological father? It was well laid out, in my opinion and well thought out. Rosie had a lot of tough decisions to make and it really helped her sort out her own feelings of her mother's death. Rosie grew up a lot in this book, in a relatively short time, but the supporting cast of characters and the plot is intriguing and self-propelling. Katie Dale did a really great job of layering the story and characters just right so that it didn't drag on but I kept interest.

I'm rating Someone Else's Life 4 STARS. It was a good read and I'm glad I didn't overlook it. It brings awareness to a disease commonly unknown and shares a heartfelt story about what it really means to be someone's daughter. Well done!
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