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Love Wins by Rob Bell
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Apr 26, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2011

inspiring, offensive, liberating, terrifying.

I put the book down about half way through because it was so deeply disturbing; I had to pause and catch my breath.

This is Bell's most controversial book. Many accuse him of being a Universalist. However, he maintains there is a real Hell and people have a choice to be there.

He just thinks God eventually reconciles all things onto Himself (Col 1:20). Lots of folks have a problem with this. I'm not sure why my salvation would depend on someone else going to Hell. That seems silly. My salvation is a gift from Jesus. But alas, this view doesn't fit the formulas.

Perhaps God does have a plan greater than what he's communicated to us so far. He did for the Jews. Jesus was not exactly the picture of expectations. Is it God's style to do what we least expect? Seems like it.

Many Christian authors are now questioning the Church's use of formulas. Bell is not alone. He just "went there." He touched a third rail.

I still don't have any opinions about it overall except to recommend people not read it unless they're willing to wrestle with their most fundamental assumptions concerning heaven, hell and the fate of every human being who ever lived.

I give it 5 stars for being a moving work... One which compels dialogue, not necessarily because i agree with everything he's saying.


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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh John,
I would recommend Neil Gaiman's Sandman series for many reasons, but the volume entitled Seasons of Mist strikes directly at the heart of what you're talking about here. In it, Lucifer decides that running Hell is more trouble than its worth, and he gives the key to hell to Dream, our protagonist. WHen someone asks about all of the inhabitants of Hell, Lucifer answers simply: They can leave whenever they want. Nobody ever told them they had to be here. They all choose their own punishments. It's pretty great stuff.

John That sounds interesting.... Thanks for the tip, Josh.

message 3: by Josh (new)

Josh Also, BTW, I's happily give you a loan, if you're interested.

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