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Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block
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Sep 03, 08

really liked it

this book would have changed my life had i been given it when i was stuck in long island and forced to hang around fuckhead fratguys who alternated between blowing bong-hits to bob marley and working out repressed homosexuality by pummelling pale skinny weak kids. perhaps this book would have forced all the self-loathing (due to the conflict between wondering why i wasn’t like said fuckheads and the deep repulsion i felt toward them) to turn outward and i might’ve pulled some kind of columbine deal on some of those assholes. and from the privacy of 'the hole' (i shived some aryan motherfucker for stealing my pencil) i might’ve turned out some great pieces of writing rather than these dumb disposable book reports.

damn you francesca lia block. where were you when i needed you?

(if this book were standard issue to every fifteen year old on the planet i'm pretty sure the world would be a much better place)

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

She was busy writing. Shhh...don't bother her.

Jessica Sarah, I don't see this on your shelves, but you HAVE read it, right???

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 03, 2008 01:10PM) (new)

Damn! There are too many books in the world!!!

I will, though.

Jackie "the Librarian" Read it, Sarah! It's amazing, an acid-dream of L.A., and so much happens in so few pages, it'll make your head spin.

Ademption Agreed. Things would be much different if we were required to read the Dangerous Angels series instead of watching Degrassi in junior high homeroom. Everyone would have been hedonistic and happier in more creative ways, instead of the usual drinking and crying. Doubtless, there would have been more fratboy homicide. A very small price to pay for general quality of life +1.

Jessica This is my favorite book of all time. In my fascist state, every single alienated thirteen-year-old is handed a copy of Weetzie Bat, an unlimited hallpass, and a free jar of Manic Panic.... Sarah Montambo, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!! The good news is, it will only take about twenty minutes.

message 7: by Edan (new)

Edan Brian, did you know that my stepfather's stepbrother's half sister is Francesca Lia Block?! No joke! Also she co-edited, with Hilary Carlip, a book called Zine Scene, which I am in! (Sorry, just wanted to gloat).

brian   NO!!!! wait -- i didn't even know that your mom remarried. or did i? (i just remember patrick -- my friend, not your husband -- drunkenly hitting on her at the bounty before the morrissey show. yes!!!) does flb live in l.a.? you ever hang with her?

message 9: by Edan (new)

Edan My mom has been remarried since the early nineties, you dork! I don't know where FLB lives.. I've never actually met her. I can ask my Step-Step-Uncle, though, if you want.

I liked Weetzie Bat a lot when I read it as a kid, but her later books, I think, aren't very good--they suffer from too much fairy dust and preciousness.

brian   what???? how have i never met your step-dad? that's weird. so patrick (mine not yours) is even more of a scumbag. i love it.

set something up edan. me you patrick (yours not mine) your mama and flb? scotch and french fries at the bounty. let's do it.

Jessica It pains me to admit that I agree with this criticism of FLB's later stuff.


Jessica FLB is (or was) super-vegan, and I don't think she drinks or anything. But maybe she's chilled out a bit in her dotage? One would hope....

message 13: by Edan (new)

Edan I would set something up, Brian, but I haven't been able to call my mother since she told me she's still deciding between Obama and McCain. She is a bitter Hillary supporter, and she's now gone mad.

Jessica, someone recently told me that FLB has a lot of plastic surgery. Do you know if this is true?

Jessica Yikes! I have no idea. Actually, that wouldn't surprise me at all. She is kind of like this goddessy personification of all that's Hell-A.

brian   this sunday is PERFECT.

next sunday is no good as i'll be in heaven.

but this sunday... shit yeah. first round's on me.

jim is god.

Scoobs 11/15/08

Lia Block in the soup.

You better be here. You know My Secret Agent Lover Man will be.

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