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While It Lasts by Abbi Glines
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Apr 26, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: young-adult
Read on July 31, 2012

If you want me to compare this book to all the other Sea Breeze books, i am so begging you not to let me do that. Please?

The book was ok. Maybe i was just expecting a lot from it. Don't get me wrong I was entertained, i got teary-eyed in some parts, especially the prologue. But... I somehow find it lacking. Or something...

Eva's pain has got to really hurt so much. I mean she just lost the person she loved for 18 years. There were promises that she hoped to have someday. Yet all those promises were broken because of the lost love. That just effin sucks man! Yep she was scared to move on because it's like disrespecting or being unfaithful to Josh but we all know life has to go on. She knew that, of course, she just couldn't handle it yet.

"She always had Josh. He was her best friend, her protector and he made he
Of course because of this Jeremy, Josh's twin brother is trapped with her."

---of course because of her sorrow, Jeremy was hurting along with her and trapped. You can't blame the guy for feeling responsible and guilty for not watching out for his precious brother's fiancé.

"I’d worried that letting her get too close would break me. Unfortunately, I’d worried about that a little too late. Because I was broken."

Of course, there enters our bad boy.
He's actually charming and a flirt and just damn gorgeous. I never expected him to go crumbling down in front of a girl. Well, guess what. This is his moment! He's afraid to be rejected by the girl who means so much to him. Yes he's used to rejection all his life but that doesn't mean it can't hurt him. In fact, it's what's breaking him.

"Getting attached to Cage was bad. He had been the key to my healing. He’d forced me to get over things. No one had pushed me before him. I’d always cherish him for that."

--- Eva's feelings for Cage is new to her. She's feeling the intensity of what and how it is to love someone and making the right decisions. She never experienced this with Josh and it's kinda scary for her. Cage may have a lot of experiences with women but he never experienced falling in love with someone hard. That makes him and Eva equal. They have to start from what they know. Eva was able to experienced being loved the same way she loved a person while Cage never had that before. You know that part when Eva was saying that Cage has more experience than she is? That's just for sexual and physical stuff. Funny thing is Cage is inexperienced in falling hard for someone.

This is self pity:

"Girls like Eva didn’t want to keep me. They wanted to play with me for a while and then go find the boy their parents would approve of. I wasn’t the keeping kind."

--- now that's just self pity and not having confidence! Other than rejection, self pity is another one of our bitches in life. I pity Cage for this. I can't blame him because he lived his life like that. Knowing that he wasn't the keeping kind. It was like a slap in the face to know that the girl you love doesn't want you.

Like i said, not enough drama for me. It was just like that. I was like "oh hey, wait. That's it?"
Yeah oh man. I was so ready to cry really hard!

Anyway, even though it wasn't enough for me. I enjoyed other parts!
Eva singing that song in the bar declaring her love for Cage! Dude! So freakin awesome!!! I was really happy about that.
Also when Cage has heard the first time that Eva played the guitar and singing in his apartment. Moment alert! :)

I think i am not making sense, i am so sleepy right now.

This is a quote from that bassist dude, made me laugh so effin much!:

“Fuck man, do you know how many girls I’ve met that don’t even know what the hell a bassist is? NONE! Fucking NONE! Where’d you get her? I want one too.”

All in all. It was good.

I can't stop thinking about this book!
"I really miss your hair in my face
And the way your innocence tastes
And I think you should know this
You deserve much better than me"

---- perfect line for Cage York! From the song Better Than Me by Hinder

What about some sexy sweet Cage line? Here:
"Crazy, girl, don’t you know that I love you?
And I wouldn’t dream of goin’ nowhere"
from the song Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band

Last Cage line that is making me melt? Here:
"I got a thing for you
And I think it's kinda crazy"
(Thing for You by Hinder)

What about Eva?
"You showed me something that I couldn't see
You opened my eyes and you made me believe
You lift my feet off the ground, spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier"

(Crazier by Taylor Swift)
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Stacia (the 2010 club) Nice review. :)

Joanna thanks. i don't think i even made sense. i was so sleepy after reading this.

i'm still unsure with my 4 stars though. the first time, i gave this 3 stars. hmm

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