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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
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Jul 26, 2012

it was ok
Read in July, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This book has very interesting premise. Unfortunately, hmmmmmm, the storyline sounds a little bit familiar, yes? Let me review it:

Girl moves to new town, spots big hottie guy, both immediately, I repeat - immediately falls head over heels with each other. Oh, best part? Big hottie guy stalks her by lingering near her house "to get a glimpse of her." I right about rolled my eyes when he told her that he just wanted to make sure she lived there, or something to that effect. And what does girl do? DOES NOT EVEN THINK THIS IS CREEPY! Dude! My stranger danger radar was ringing in my head when I was reading that part.

And what about the part about the flirt fest and 'I can't be with you because of unmentionable reasons'? She let him kiss her, she leaves because of her manifestation, but still comes crawling back to him. Has she no self-respect? Yes, yes, I understand that being with him makes her inner dragon feel alive, but jeez, girl, that could be your hormones talking. Not your inner dragon.

As you can see, I have a bone to pick with this book. It's poorly written, but I applaud the semi-orginality (humans with dragon blood!) that I have, admittedly, never read before. But.. still. One thing, you cannot... I repeat - cannot - fall in love with the protagonist. She's a very very selfish person, and a very fickle minded person. My heart bleeds for the twin sister, who wants normalcy but dear ol' protagonist of course had to throw tantrums. I can clearly see her twin sister's effort, despite her absent dragon blood, to blend in with normal humans. And her love for the protagonist, but I believe Jacinda was blind and selfish enough to oversee that.

Well, there goes me and my rant. However, I have another copy of the sequel sitting at my desk because I foolishly thought this book would be 'da bomb'. Boy, was I wrong.

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