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Frost by Kate Avery Ellison
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Apr 26, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

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If there's one thing I had learn after finishing this book is; these days, it is just bloody hard to write a dystopian novel and come out on top.

Oh, if you're looking for a book with a strong dystopian element, I wouldn't recommend this to you because for most parts, this book might as well set in Middle Age time and you would believe that, right down to the dialogues.

No kidding.

Well, I'd say that I am still a fan of Ellison's work. She is that kind of authors who would not mess around by giving lengthy details of things you don't give a fuss about; she writes things that actually matter. In fact, she sort of my dream author because my ADD always render myself impatient against books or series that are too damn long.

Judging by the number of pages, one would think that Ellison's writing is simple but no, her writing is sufficiently graceful but easy to follow at the same time.

Unfortunately, this didn't score a spot on my favourite shelf. I kept telling myself while reading this that 'No Zuleeza, you don't need another butt-kicking heroine for a book to earn five stars'. I mean, Lia Weaver as the protag is strong as hell INTERNALLY which is something rare in YA books nowadays. She is responsible, compassionate, thoughtful and protective of her siblings.

In fact, when she took the risk by saving Gabe, the reason behind the decision was totally justified (I swear insta love has nothing to do with it) not 'ZOMG, look at his abs, I better save this dude before he got eaten by the Watchers so that I can rub, rub, rub his abs!'.

Nevertheless, the resemblance between Rose from The Curse Girl and Ivy is a bit uncanny. Hmm...

But in the end, I'd still consider this as a hit since it was literally unputdownable.


As this is a book by Kate freaking Avery freaking Ellison, it deserves some pre-reviewing.

Lord knows how much I went fangirling over her previous work, The Curse Girl. Why didn't I jump and read this straight away afterwards? Because I freaking want the physical copy of this and The Curse Girl too for that matter but I'm too stingy to pay for the postage cost.

Book Depository...why can't you sell them??

But now, how can I refuse when it is offered by Read2Review program :3

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Kate Avery Ellison
“In answer to a question you asked me not a long ago, a question I didn’t answer at the time…it is worth it. Love is a perilous dance too, you see. And if we stop dancing, we’ll die.
Don’t ever stop dancing.”
Kate Avery Ellison, Frost

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