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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Apr 25, 2012

it was amazing
Read in April, 2012

I watched the movie before I read the books. Watching the movie prompted me to read the books. I already had planned to read the books this year, but it was way down my list. However, the movie was so mind-blowing, I decided to read all the books as soon as possible. I noticed that some key details were left out of the movie. Even the actress playing the protagonist, Katniss Everdine, is actually too tall and healthy to play the part. But regardless, Jennifer Lawrence's performance was phenomenal. I was surprised to discover that this book series is for young adults because it is much too violent for young adults. Perhaps the times have changed and young adults are desensitized to violence, because back in my day the movie would have given me nightmares. I kept telling my fiance that the movie is too scary. I think the books are for a more mature audience because of the violence. Basically the movie takes place in post-apocalyptic North America...a dystopia. There's the capitol and then 12 districts. There used to be 13 districts, but after a rebellion district 13 was destroyed. As a result of this rebellion, the leaders came up with the "Hunger Games." It's an event where a boy and a girl "tribute," between the ages of 12 and 18, from each district is selected through lottery to enter an arena and fight for their lives. They have to kill one another until there is only one minor left standing who will be crowned the victor. They have the elements of the arena to use as well as a variety of weapons except guns or any gun variants. It's survival of the fittest. The tributes even have to find their own water and food. This entire event is broadcast throughout the country, which is called Panem. The story is told from the perspective of 16 year old Katniss Everdine. There's a love triangle subplot, and it was mainly for that reason that I had to read all the books as fast as I could. I wanted to find out who Katniss ends up with at the end of the series. I read that Conservative media outlets were raving about this series because of Christian allegories. I can see how they can make a case for that. However, I thought this book taught all readers that it's survival of the fittest and never judge a book by its cover. In fact I think the series teaches young adults to question authority and to become as self-independent as soon as possible. It taught that there aren't many people you can trust. Overall I enjoyed the movie and the book. One of my favorites this year. Do go see the movie and read the books.

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