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The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter
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May 19, 2012

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Read on May 19, 2012

Bupdapest: the fortress, the Hunters’ hiding place. The Temple of the Unspoken Ones – on island near Rome.

Love, sacrifice, destiny,

Aeron, possessed by Wrath – Wrath might better be named Justice… he sees the hateful sins of those he encounters, and Wrath wants to punish the sinner with the same (wife beater – beat him; fire starter – burn his things, etc). Almost every inch of his body is tattooed, with images of those he has killed, so he won’t forget. If he denies Wrath too long, Wrath goes beserker on him. He and Wrath are soothed by the demon Legion – he plays with her like a daughter, buys her tiaras, placed a pink outfitted bed for her in his room … and he has been sensing that someone unseen is watching him, occasionally touching him. And when Olivia reveals herself, she is so pure Wrath doesn not have any 'sins's to see in her, and therefore is not riled.

Legion, Quinientos Dieciseis of the Croise Sombres of Neid and Notpeochocil – a lesser demon, abused and ridiculed by the other demons… she is pulled to Aeron when he is imprisoned, and she is bound to him, so she is able to be in this world with him. She loves him, not so much as a daughter – wanting to be all for him. In response to Olivia’s presence and her jealousy, she makes a bargain with Lucifer – he’ll give her a beautiful sexy body, and if she can seduce Aeron in 9 days, than she can keep the body; but if she fails, Lucifer can possess her body (getting himself out of hell) and he will kill Aeron and each of his friends, etc. In her new body, she tries and fails to seduce Aeron, she tries and fails to kill Olivia, she works with Olivia… and comes to see that she is making Aeron unhappy – so she decides to kill Galen – she injures him, but does not kill him… When Aeron dies, she is returned to hell, and when Olivia makes her bargain for Aeron, she also gains the council’s approval for them to rescue Legion.

Olivia – a joy giving angel, recently ’promoted’ to warrior angel – not sure she wants it. She has been watching Aeron, learning about him and about his people. She admires his giving nature… his body… his friendship…. Until she gives up her angelhood to be a fallen angel – and to be with Aeron. First she ends in hell, is assaulted (not raped) by demons, fights back, and ends up outside the fortress – She has trouble walking without her wings (which were torn off by the demons), she is hurt, and Aeron takes her to his room, recognizing her as the one ‘watching’ him. Her white gown is self cleaning.

Lysander – angel, One of the Seven… Olivia’s mentor and defender. His attempts to guide her, to protect her, to warn Aeron off, etc keep backfiring… poor Lysander. He is married to his own Harpy, Gwen’s sister.
One True Diety – hmmm – love… stays more or less uninvolved with humans though (except through the angels)… more powerful than the other gods… hmmmm …

Strider - pain comes to him if he / they lose – and he has to talk his demon out of challenges.

The Unspoken Ones – prisoners of Cronus, they know where the 4th artifact is and have bargained both with the Lords and the Hunters that the first to take Cronus’ head will get the 4th artifact.

Cronus and Rhea – husbands, Rhea has thrown her hat in with the Hunters and Galen… Both carry a demon from pandora’s box – Greed and ? .

William and Gilly - William, desired by women… Gilly, one of the wives’ young friend. She has a crush on William, and William feels differently toward her than other women. Hmmmm

Gideon – keeper of Lies – hands regrowing (having been cut off in the last book by the Hunters) – so he’s more or less helpless.

Scarlet – keeper of Nightmares – one of the odd demons that Cronus has required the lords to locate. They capture her (she sleeps like a vampire during the day), she sends a nightmare to Gideon, he is pulled to her (imprisoned in their dungeon)… he sits with her, he cannot leave, she touches him and some faint memory, and she finally tells him she is his wife from pre-Pandora box. hmmmm

Danika’s ‘eye’ has foreseen Cronus’ death by Galen; and then sees Aeron’s death by Lysander.

Paris continues to mourn the death of his possible love, and to dislike being with a different woman… Aeron has taken it upon himself to take Paris out each night and push him into the arms of a woman, so as to keep up his strength.

Sienna Blackstone – we don’t see her in this book, though Cronus had kept her… and when Aeron is killed, Wrath is put into Sienna… hmmmm

Plot –
The author keeps on adding layers of gods, and enemies, and potential allies… hmmmm

The politics – Galen has the Cloak of Invisibility – and is amassing the Hunters to make an assault on the fortress to get the other artifacts. Galen has managed to take Balen’s demon (forgot its name) and place it into a human… and is selling the hunters on killing the lords, capturing their demons, and giving them bodies and using them for their purposes.

The Unspoken Ones are planting the idea to take Cronus’ head.

When Aeron dies, he goes to a special afterlife that Zeus set up for them, to keep them out of hell and out of possibly getting back to Zeus – and he spends time with Baden… and Pandora… and with the box, they may be able to free Baden. Hmmm

Olivia, after being captured & tortured by Galen & the hunters, gets free (with the help of a hunter freed by the lords on the island, because they saw something a bit different in him- and they were right)… and snags the cloak from Galen’s pocket, runs out of the complex, and into Aeron et al’s arms, as Aeron knew she did not leave him voluntarily – she had promised to stay to say goodby.

The relationship – Wrath wants “more” of Olivia – does not cause Aeron any trouble with her (except to push him when Aeron is trying to resist). Olivia calms Wrath. Aeron is suspicious of Olivia, he is attracted to her and takes a little longer to see his feelings as more… he wants her back to being an angel, and makes things tough (like not making love to her, or starting to make love to her but stopping before, like letting him see his bad side) trying to get her to go back (Lysander has assured him they will take her back), but bit by bit he realizes he loves her, and would do anything for her. Olivia at first is acting on instinct, acting on desire, acting on the need for something more, and keeps trying to get Aeron to do “more”… and bit by bit she realizes her feelings for him are growing. At first she accepts Lysander’s 15 days of freedom, and then an angel taking Aeron’s life – death is a part of life for her up til now… but as the days pass, she can’t envision allowing him to die, of not living with him… and she finally realizes she loves him…
And Aeron allows Lysander to take his life so that Olivia can have hers (after insuring as best he can that the rest will be taken care of)… and our new warrior Olivia, now full angel again, goes to the council and for days pleads her case, the case of love… and get Aeron back, her old job back… ahhhh

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