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Cunt by Inga Muscio
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Sep 03, 2008

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I certainly appreciate Inga's passion and her motivation behind this book. And I love the title. However, I don't agree with a few of her thoughts; her view that we should only support businesses owned and operated by women, that we should live in fear and constantly suspect leering men of rape, her flippant view of abortion, and her credo to band together as women, and support each other no matter how much you might not personally like some chick. Well foo on that. There are plenty of corrupt and horrible women (some I've even worked for), who do not deserve anyone's support. I laughed at anyone who told me they would vote for Hillary simply because she's a woman - that's the same as some uneducated male voting for some prick simply because he has one.
When I was young I saw on the evening news, a woman, some jogger in New York Central Park, was accosted, and they interviewed her from her hospital bed. The attacker had a knife, she was cut up pretty good, but they were all defensive wounds - she fought her attacker off. I'll never forget what she said. "He thought he was going to rape me!!?" It was her demeanor and attitude that struck me. She was more pissed off that anyone would assume they could get the better of her, than the knife wounds and many bandages. She ruled.
That made an impression on my young mind, far, far more than seeing all the females in my life putting rocks into their pockets before they go for a bike ride ever could.

I would have also loved if Inga did some hardcore research into the word 'cunt' (with some cited references), and gave us a more thorough linguistic history, instead of the general listing of bygone cultures.
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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Larkin Angioli I've known several who have read this book and seen others reading it, but never heard a thought-out response to it. I love your concise reviews, spiced with your personal anecdotes. I hope to make the time to leave more than stars next to my read books on Goodreads, because I know how much I enjoy reading your short and effective reviews.

Amberly thanks babe.
I'm glad we connected on Goodreads - i always loved talking books to you, and you are much more well-read and insightful than most. I'm belatedly reading the classics (actually on audio book) ... we'll see ... and we should discuss the bible - 5 stars huh!

message 3: by Eva (new) - added it

Eva Leger I enjoyed your review also- and plan on reading the book now after reading yours and a few others to see what I think. Thanks!

Amberly Thanks for the kind words, and Happy reading!

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