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Star Trek Online by Michael A. Martin
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Apr 25, 2012

it was amazing

Is this Star Trek?,

One is for sure it's a heck hell of a different universe than trekkies have known for years. This book only follows the continuity as seen on-screen, so don't wonder if you read a lot of stuff you remember differently. This isn't the authors fault but rather a deliberate decision to ignore that piece of star trek history the explanation therefore is within this book. But the author does an amazing to write a story which sheer broadness seems amazing and is unique for a single star trek novel so far. The stylistic way of choice is to tell these stories from various people during the Undine-war through interviews led by Jake Sisko makes the feeling of reading this grant tale of unseen star trek history, very interesting but also deeply emotional. It explains in fearsome but plausible ways the repercussions of this so-called Undine war and why such a noble and tolerate society as the citizens of the federation could descent into paranoia and in denunciation but which also never lost the last glimmer of hope. The range in interviewees is rich such as; simple toopers, civilians, refugees, agents on the seen- and unseen front, politicians, civil- military- cultural and religious decision-makers and more tell there one unique perspective of a greater story which is only a small part in the tapestry which forms the history of this unseen as ominous war with the likewise camouflaged and in under stealth operating species which is only known by its Borg-designation Species 8472. It's a very dark and different way from the Star Trek stuff around for over 40 years now, so you should only consider this as alternate Trek but in this context its great literary and amazing story-arc superbly written.

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