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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
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Feb 26, 2009

did not like it
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Recommended for: more people who want to learn about unhealthy romantic relationships

Finally, my long awaited ;) review:

Again, first of all, if you are going to use a piece of literature influence your book, choose a cool one! Wuthering Heights??? Another infamous piece of literature which illustrates how to destroy a romantic relationship. I loathe Wuthering Heights more than I do Romeo and Juliet. So, yes, this review is going to be somewhat harsh. Sorry.

Where to begin? So many topics to discuss. First of all: do not fall in love with two people at once. Once Bella chose Ed, she needed to let Jacob (poor guy) go. It was selfish and cruel of Bella to hang on to Jacob that way, when she knew that, he was in love with her. She has a hard time letting Jacob go because she missed him and he is her best friend. If your best friend and your lover are not the same person, sorry sweetie, you need to let one go. If you're “adult” enough to love someone and have a serious physical relationship, you should be “adult” enough to handle that situation and make the right choice.

Next topic: Your love and your best friend should really be the same person. Or in the very least you should be friends with your love. So much of Ed and Bella's relationship focuses on the physical aspect of it. I may be exaggerating a little, but I feel that they are not really in love with each other, they are each in love with the other person's body. Jacob sums it up well. He mentions to Bella that Edward is her drug. Um, last I checked, drugs are bad for you. I hope that their relationship remains at that level of passion for eternity, because if doesn't, there goes the relationship....gone. Reality is people, no one maintains that level of passion all the time. That is why we have we have books, seminars, and counseling sessions about “spicing up” a marriage. This is where the friendship thing comes in. At times when the passion is less, you have the companionship of a good friend to sustain you. Bottom line: passion is good, but a relationship needs friendship to support it.

Next: Marriage. It irritates me that Bella doesn't want to get married because she thinks it has a negative stigma. The thought process is along the lines of, “It's not modern to get married. People will look at me funny for getting married so young. It didn't work out for my mom. We're committed to each other for eternity, what do we need to get married for?” Lame. They are going to be living together, having sex, and basically acting like married people. Why not get married? Will that somehow make you less committed to one another? And who cares what other nosy people think? Are you going to let nosy people run your life? Girls with Bella's attitude tread on dangerous ground. Many girls with this view point, meet a guy, feel passionate, and move in with him. They might decide to have kids in a year. Then when the passion is gone, he leaves and finds a new girl to live with. He doesn't have a problem with it, it's okay. He wasn't breaking a commitment. Now our girl is a single mom. She feels hurt and starts thinking all men are this way. Wrong. Some men are bums and when you go around offering them sex on a platter with no responsibilities, they jump on it. Girls should encourage men to be responsible, not feed their desires for an easy, sexual life. True empowerment is realizing that you are worth a man with morals who is willing to be responsible and committed to you. (Yes, they do exist.) If he's not willing to make you a promise to be around through good times and bad, then he's not worth your time. It's a good thing for Bella that Ed is now truly committed to her and learned from the whole dumping episode. Ed is willing to MARRY Bella, in front of everyone, and make her an everlasting promise of commitment. Wake up Bella! I mean I know marriages end unhappily sometimes but at least we are heading in the right direction.

Bella states (I'm pretty sure it's in this book, if not we'll discuss it now anyway), “Love is irrational.” Wrong. If love makes you irrational, do yourself a favor, slap yourself on the face, and wake up! Okay. Now that you have your brain back, ask yourself some questions: Is the person you love stable? Does he treat you with kindness and respect? Are you making any stupid decisions that will ruin the rest of your life???? Yes, love can make a person giddy, and cloud judgment, but honestly it should not make one stupid. Seriously people. Let's have some self control and responsibility for our actions here. If you can't control yourself from impulsive decisions, then your not ready for serious commitment.

Okay, last thing I will say about this book. It is very adult. I wouldn't want my teen, if I had one, reading it. Pretty much, Bella and Edward nearly have sex. There you go. That and the fact that this book portrays some messed up ideas about love makes me against it.

Don't worry though, my review of Breaking Dawn will be nicer.
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Sheri Loved this review! Thanks for sitting and writing down all of my thoughts on this book for me. I wonder if I can copy and paste it as my own review.... no no, that's plagiarism. Rats. :)

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Also loved your review. I decided this series got less fun after I was in a real relationship. Also, the last book ties up the loose ends and explains the bizarre pull Bella and Jacob have. I also nearly killed her everytime she'd run back to Jacob.

Meridyforgot Thanks Ashley! You're sweet :) I think that I was a little upset when I wrote the review though. I totally stand by what I said, but I hope I didn't hurt too many feelings of die-hard fans. :)

message 4: by Shannon (new)

Shannon This is pretty much how I felt about this book.

I hated how the author tried to make the readers sympathize with Bella. I spent the entire time wanting to scream at her because of how stupid, horrid, and selfish she was being to Jacob. YES, it would have hurt him to let him go, yes it would have hurt her as well, but it would have been so much kinder in the long run.

Alicia Wonderful Review- I loved it! I felt the same way about the book and while the review I posted is more rambling, I feel like we said the same things, your was just put so much better. I especially loved your paragraph about marriage. I wish I could post that so more teenage girls could read it.

message 6: by Cemre (new)

Cemre But Wuthering Heights is aware that it's a destructive relationship . Unfortunately this Classic is marketed as a romance whereas it really isn't .

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