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The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton
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Apr 25, 2012

it was amazing
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This is my first real series by Peter F Hamilton, though I read "The Reality Dysfunction" some time ago without continuing to read the trilogy (I will return...)

I'll also add that I read for pleasure, and love series books and finding new authors whose back catalogs I can raid.

This hefty volume then is ideal for me. It falls unashamedly into the space-Opera sub-genre of science fiction... and I loved it!

Set in the far future it has a very utopian human race who have spread throughout the galaxy and achieved a technological form of immortality and transcendence.

However all is not rosy. At the center of the galaxy lies the Void, an alien creation that could be a artificial reality - but has the immense power of a black hole and is slowly expanding as it uses energy from nearby stars to fuel itself.

The novel follows a diverse cast of characters, each well realized. From the "dreamer" himself, to resurrected ancient heroes and a boy with massive telekinetic skills.
Hamilton writes with a fervor. This is action packed, with everything from the adventures of the characters through to his view of the future. I wouldn't call him a literary author, and that's a good thing in my book. He writes clearly and even with the length doesn't waste time with excess prose - a real can't-put-down read!

I found the main strengths are his view of the future and technology and the intrigue among various factions, idealologies and lifestyles. There's no shortage of ideas here!

This, I discovered, shares the same universe as a lot of Hamilton's other books. While reading a lot of back story is casually mentioned and stop fed through. At first I thought it was random tidbits created to form some context the main characters have lived through, now I wonder if the earlier stories are the beginning of the timeline.

It doesn't matter, this is a series of its own. I've given it full marks, based on how much I enjoyed it at the time. Further volumes might get a little lower score (nothing beats the first!). Ultimately if you're already a fan of big bombastic series like this you'll love it, and get sucked in like me.

If not, I doubt this will convert you.
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