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Lord Loss by Darren Shan
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Apr 26, 2012

really liked it

if you like books with lots of gore and twists, then you are in for a treat. It starts with a regular family that lives in Ireland the main character is Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady he has a sister and they live with there parents. The plot is based around Grubbs and he moves to his uncles house after his sister and parents were murdered by 2 demons and a demon master named lord loss. When he moves there he quickly finds out that the Gradys are cursed and that curse is some of them will turn into werewolfs and the only way to cure it is to play lord loss in 5 chess games (best 3 out of 5) and while your playing you have to have a parnter that battles lord loss's demons. If you win lord loss has to cure the soon to be werewolf you chose. The characters are Grubbs, Gret, Grubs mom/dad, lord loss, vein, artery, Dervish, Bill-E, and Meera. The book was written in 1st person through Grubbs. There are several themes in the book, good over evil, coming of man-hood, and getting over losses. But the one that was most important to me was good over evil. I think this theme was most important to me because Grubbs came over evil that killed his family and he found the courage to go into battle. Lord loss i dont think just represents the devil i think it represents any evil force that tries to scare and get into people minds. The authers style of writing is verry gorey and masculine he doesnt write female characters as strong as he does teenage boys. His style of writing is more projected towards teenage boys, also the style is not very hard to read he doesnt use a lot of big words mostly simple sentances. 3 really great parts of the book I enjoyed where Grubbs had to go to the mental hospital and he was going insane, I really enjoyed the part where you thought Dervish was a werewolf and he was freaked out that he was going to be eaten by him, the last part i really enjoyed was the climax the part where Grubbs had to play Lord loss in the 5 chess games.

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