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Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane
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Apr 25, 2012

liked it

Overall I liked it, didn't love it. The end was the biggest redeeming feature in that it was the not a 'perfectly' happy ending, but a warm-hearted realistic one (view spoiler) . For an easy read--it had it's pluses, but for me it lacked. It was too much sex and romance based (yeah, I KNOW I like romance, but I like it in combination with other plot lines, LOL) -- I think there needed to be more of the fantasy and a touch less of the physical. It may have helped if the 'fantasy' elements were shown more as scenes rather than told. Actually, I found a lot of the interesting parts of the story were told and brushed over. Also, other than Aerie-Smith and Naef, I didn't get a feel for the other characters -- again, due to the tell-chunks.

However, the story did have a clear story-goal, had very good inner-conflict (his beauty, or lack thereof) and that was to its merit.

I think if you feel like a sexy read with a fairy-tale twist, then readers would like this.

*** ETA ***

It's really quite amazing to see the growth of Amy Lane's writing! :) I find this a really interesting read of her earlier work!
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Emma Sea Wow, how demanding can you be, Anyta? Romance and a plot line? Do you think this is 2012 or something! :-)

You know the bit that tipped it into 4 stars for me? It was how (view spoiler)

message 2: by Anyta (last edited Apr 25, 2012 04:44PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Anyta Sunday Er, um, pretty demanding? Lol.
No, I liked the read, I just saw potential in some of the surroundings of the story that I would have loved to have seen fleshed out more.
These were my feelings as a reader. Of course as I writer, I feel I really should shut up and not say a thing. :P It was nicely written.
And the bit you mentioned? I really liked that, too. Made me gooey. :)

Emma Sea Anyta wrote: "No, I liked the read, I just saw potential in some of the surroundings of the story that I would have loved to have seen fleshed out more."

As a gross generalisation, this is a problem with a vast number of m/m stories. The turnaround is so fast on these that a lot of books read like a cross between a plot outline and a first draft. Mainstream fiction authors can easily spend years getting the words just right, developing the characters, and tweaking the plot. Some of my favourite m/m authors are putting out a new book every 3-4 months. In that kind of time frame it just isn't going to be as good.

Actually, did you ever read any Anne McCaffrey? In the last 10-15 years of her career she started writing plot outlines with some bits infilled, and giving them to other authors to flesh out. I feel sometimes like I'm reading something like that.

Emma Sea BTW, this is one of the thing I like most about your writing. You don't do that. Even with your short stories all the craft is there. They're small but perfectly formed.

Anyta Sunday Yes, I hear you. I'm in two/three minds about it:

The Reader -- I want to read more, have more feeling for the setting and I want to be so immersed that I feel the story could be real, whether it be fantasy or not.

The Writer 1-- It does take a lot of time to write a book and there has to be a cost factor added to the equation. The more books you can write, the more you can sell. (Assuming they're at least readable).

The Writer 2 -- (And I fall under this category) There are so many stories filling up our heads that we just have to get them down immediately then move on to the next one. I confess to being the impatient sort, and I tend to rush things a bit, but usually it's in my over-excitement to finish something and start something else. Of course, that means something has to give, and yeah, fleshing out is definitely one of them.

And additionally to this, sometimes there is a fear of over-fleshing to the point the reader loses interest in the story. It's a tricky balance to get right.

Hmmm... Also, on reflection, my review might be a little skewered by having read so much SEP's stuff lately, because she has an amazing ability to take a pretty absurd plot-line and make it real (and romantic) and they are generally longer books than m/m novels so they feel more developed.

Sometimes it depends on when I read a story or what I have read before it that can affect the perception of the current book I'm reading, and things become rated by contrast.

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