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The Wreck by Marie Force
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Apr 25, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2012

WOW! Defiantly wasn't what I was expecting.
I was caught from the beginning.

We start off in May 1995 - a great year for me :)
A group of Teenagers hanging out with their friends and girlfriends.
We have Sam, Toby, Pete and Brian - Brian and Sam are brothers, Toby and Pete have been their best friends since they were babies..
Then the girls moved in.. Michele, Jenny, Sarah and Carly.
They were all best friends, when they were 13, They all grouped together, and no one else seemed to matter anymore. They had other friends, but these guys were so close, it didn't matter if they never had anyone else in their lives. They were happy. and they were in love.

We hear a lot of the story told in Brian's POV - which I love. His love for Carly was sweet - he just couldn't imagine life without her. It wasn't even an option.

When the group of friends got the call from Toby's sister saying his parents were on their way home, the kids knew they had to leave. Scattering out into the car, Brian took Carly's hand and told their friends they were going to walk to their house. They wanted some alone time.

Carly loved her friends, but she loved Brian, and she was happy to be with him.
As the kids drove off to get a pizza then head over to Sam's and Brian's house to hang out, Carly and Brian headed to their favorite spot - Under the Willow Tree. They were excluded from the world. And there the two of them could share their intimate relationship with each other.
While they were there. They started discussing their future. They were both planning to go to Michigan for collage. They pulled together their money and bought an apartment just outside of campus so they could live together. Carly was afraid her parents would find out, but Brian assured her that everything would be ok. In fact, if it bothered her so much, he decided maybe it was time they got married. Since they were planning on being together anyways, why not sooner then they had planned?

Carly was excited and couldn't wait to tell her friends. But she enjoyed staying in Brian's arms for as long as she could.
After a while, they finally got up and headed towards the house.
On the way, they heard a loud noise. Metal being crushed - they ran around the bend and saw the fire. Brian pulled Carly to his chest and begged her not to look. They could smell the burning flesh of his brother and 5 best friends from across the street.
Carly couldn't take it anymore and had to look. She started screaming, and screaming, and screaming..

Brian's dad is the chief of police but wasn't there when they called him. All Brian could think about was his brother, how his parents were going to take this .. his friends... Carly.. She was with the ambulance people. They had to medicate her because she was hysterical. They took her to the hospital.

Brian went home to break the news to his parents. It was the most heartbreaking thing I've read in a LONG time! no parent should have to deal with that! WOW!

Anyways - Sam's funeral was the last of the 6 kids who died that night. Brian was going through so much, he really needed Carly to talk to him. Since the accident, she kind of shelled out. She wouldn't talk to anyone. She refused to eat, wouldn't get out of bed. She was in bad shape. When Brian went back to her house, he just cuddled up beside her and cried.

Day after day he went back to her house. BEGGING her to talk to him, write him a note, something - ANYTHING - he NEEDED her - but she couldn't do it.. She wanted to talk, but every time she tried, she couldn't. She just ... couldn't.
Brian got really frustrated with her, and told her he needed a break.

Her father had put it all out there for her. Tough Love is what i call it :) He told her she had to get out of bed, she had to help around the house, she had to get her act together... talking or not, she couldn't lay in bed anymore. So she did.. for her father. She got up and went through the motions of life.

After two long excruciating weeks, he finally showed up again at her parent's 4th of July party. She was Ecstatic to see him again. and he could tell by the way she kissed him that she was trying to make her way back to the land of living. She wrote him notes to talk to him, and he talked to her. They were finally happy to be together again. Especially after everyone had gone to see the fireworks, leaving the two of them home alone together *wink*

As time got closer for Brian to leave for Michigan, Carly started getting worried. She knew she wasn't going to make it this year. She couldn't leave the house. It scared her to no end - the thought of driving in a car terrified her. So once again, Brian set down his foot.

If she didn't want to go to school, fine, but they had an apartment together. She just had to come with him...
Bug she couldn't... He said there was too many memories here, he couldn't deal with the death of his brother, friends, and her in this town. So he vowed he'd never set foot back in their little town in Road Island.

SO SAD!!!!!

SO Brian went off to college and made himself a name in Law - he became a great lawyer.
Now we're in April 2010 - 15 years later.

Michael, Brian's dad who is the chief of police in the small Road Island town was working hard to solve the mystery of the serial rapest. Someone was targeting the cheerleaders, and things were beyond scary. The FBI was called in when the rapes started spreading out more. and he was grateful for the help.

Carly was coming out of her shell. A year after Brian left, Her dad, again with the Tough Love, told her to get up, get a job or go to school, or he was kicking her to the curb. She didn't really think he would do it, but she put on her big girl panties and went to work at the local diner. And after 15 years of not talking, and not forgetting, she was as happy as could be expected. She longed for Brian, but knew he was better off making his name known to the world.

Brian had just won a big case and his boss told him it was time to go on vacation. He wasn't going to give Brian a choice. Since Brian had vowed never to go back to his Home Town, he decided to visit his mother in their Florida home. He was concerned that his dad hadn't taken the time off work to visit like he usually did. But figured he was still working too hard.

Time moves on, and Brian starts thinking about Carly. He doesn't know why, after 15 years she kept sneaking into his mind. But he wouldn't go back to Road Island. He figured it would pass, just like it always did.

When Brian was in the middle of a new case, he got a phone call, His father had collapsed at work and was in the hospital. Promise or not, he went back home..... and nothing would ever be the same for Brian again.

*Sigh* Yes that was a good ending to my review :)
I loved this story. It really had a lot of emotional settings to it. And the surprises that were thrown in there to throw you off the trail was awesome! I totally loved the mystery of "WHO was responcilbe for everything going wrong in this town" I was shocked beyond words when I read the ending of this :)
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