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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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Apr 25, 2012

really liked it

really felt like I was in a computer game! The near-future setting made it particularly evocative, and the 1980s nostalgia made the time-warping even more complete (backwards and forwards at the same time). And a slight cautionary tale - what happens if our Second Life became our reality?

the detailed envisioning of how the modes of video games can take over the "real world" were fascinating (and somewhat eerie, given the gamification of pretty much everything nowadays) and I loved how it was used to build the world as well as prove metaphorical.

my only reservation was the abruptness of the ending. won't say more in case of spoilers.

also, several interesting themes that were raised but not pursued - such as the idea of the freedom of changing your "skin"; does it change who you are? this theme was dealt with, but rather superficially. So much potential!

In all, loved it for all the 80s pop culture and video game references, and creating a believable and dare-I-say-it, FUN world.

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