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Trapped by Kevin Hearne
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2.5 stars
Well, look at that! Once again, everyone’s favorite druid Atticus O’Sullivan somehow managed to anger just about every deity from every pantheon worshiped by mankind. (Well, everyone except Perun, but that’s understandable – Perun is Slavic and our gods are all kinds of awesome. Not too bright, but awesome.) This is turning out to be a special talent of Atticus’s, and a good thing too, or we would have nothing to read about.

After twelve (!) years of training, binding Granuaile to earth should be cause for celebration, not yet another problem on Atticus’s list. But with everyone chasing them for some reason or other, finding a quiet place to bind Granuaile and turn her into a full druid is proving to be somewhat... difficult.

Oh, but Hearne loves his lectures! He can’t seem to control himself. With each new book, the stories that slow down… no, make that completely block the plot progression become longer and longer. I appreciate well-built worlds. I even appreciate mythology lessons. But Hearne is taking it all just a bit too far. By the time I reached the last part, I barely even understood what was going on.

The romance we’ve all been waiting for it’s finally here and let’s just say it’s a bit underwhelming. Five books we’ve waited for Atticus to finally find someone worthy of him, someone interesting and competent enough to live and fight by his side, and now that he has, I expected... more! Fireworks, at the very least. I love them both separately, but together, they do nothing for me.

I really thought the previous book, Tricked, was a one-time disaster, but now I’m beginning to think that someone stole Hearne and replaced him with some pod person. There's just no way that the same person could have written those first three books and these last two, it’s just not possible. I’ve rarely seen a series so completely and thoroughly ruined.

When I lose interest in a book, it usually happens around the middle, not during that last, most exciting part. With Trapped, I struggled through the middle, true, but the last part was more than I could handle. Instead of building the tension and ending with a really god action scene, Hearne inexplicably had Atticus and Granuaile sit down and listen to some long, unnecessary and mostly boring story. This has pretty much become his modus operandi: they run, they win a fight against all odds, meet someone willing to tell them a story – twenty pages of pure boredom ensues. Rinse and repeat.

This is where Atticus O’Sullivan and I go our separate ways. However, keep I mind that the series still has many fans and that those first three books make it worth your time. Please don’t hesitate to read them because the fourth and the fifth aren’t as good. You’d be missing out on a lot.

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message 1: by Tim (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tim Marquitz Ouch. And the downhill slide continues, so it seems.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) 'Fraid so. Poor man can't seem to stop himself. He's so enthusiastic about this mythology and that and so eager to share it with his readers that he ends up killing his own story. This is where he and I go our separate ways.

message 3: by AH (new) - added it

AH Oh, no. I liked the mythology angle, but I see what you are saying. I just finished the 2nd book - still enjoying the series so far.

Mihir There are copies of this available already???

message 5: by AH (new) - added it

AH NetGalley and Edelweiss.

Mihir Thanks AH :)

Mihir I'm very curious with your review Maja. I want to see the "lecturing part" you mention. Especially since it was potent enough to turn you off the series.

message 8: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie Uh-oh... it seeems as if these are going downhill. (based on your ratings)

Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian Not just me then...

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) No, definitely not just you... *sigh*

Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian It was kind of like:

Mythology = 10
Characterisation, emotion and reader engagement = 1

I might as well have been reading Wikipedia.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Hah! Well put! Honestly, what happened to this series AND to Hearne? I used to adore it!

message 13: by AH (new) - added it

AH No! Say it ain't so! I was looking forward to catching up on this series.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Unfortunately, it's a train wreck. :(

Casey Leidig Uh oh... I just bought book 2 but I might not even go further now, considering I was iffy one book 1 anuway

message 16: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie That's a real bummer about this series. It used to be super awesome, what happened??

message 17: by AH (new) - added it

AH Casey wrote: "Uh oh... I just bought book 2 but I might not even go further now, considering I was iffy one book 1 anuway"
I still enjoyed book 2.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I did too! And book 3 was my favorite

message 19: by Liz (new) - rated it 3 stars

Liz I liked 4 better than 3 and this one wasn't 'bad' but I feel the way you do; could we enjoy the characters a little more and get lectured a little less?! I'm not quite ready to give up - yet!

message 20: by Rogier (new) - added it

Rogier awww

Limbo I found the romance in this book between Atticus and Granaile to be completely creepy. And I'm in to some creepy stuff.

Seriously. She brow-beated her TEACHER into lust with her. Could you get a more generic 'progressive' chick character if you tried?

Seriously, Hearne needs to stop this. This is more gaol-house creepy than anything. It's really starting to piss me off.

No, it's not cool to sleep with your students, before or after they graduate. And no, it's not cool to brow beat your teacher into doing something wrong.

I just feel like Hearne has taken the great characters he had and twisted them.

This was boring schlock, with no substance bar blocks of wikipedia text. Hell, he doesn't even have much respect for his subject matter.

I thought the last book was a cultural insult, but this is just an insult to women all around.

Granuiale regularly acts like a brat in different realms. I couldn't believe the tantrum she chucked like a two year old at the Earheart thing.

But still.

Aaaaaand, this comment is going on way too long.

Cathy  Keaton I adore the first 3 books, HATE book 4 and this one is pretty good, but still not up to snuff with the first three. This series is going downhill. I want Leif back to his normal self again and the Atticus/Granuaille ship is not romantic AT ALL. O_O

message 23: by EJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

EJ MACK okay I agree somewhat with your review and am completely glad I did not read it before I read the book. However the one thing we completely agree on is the romance between G and Atti. my god where did it go!!!?

message 24: by Ita (new) - added it

Ita I'm about a third of the way in and I'm booooored. I think your review has pushed me over the edge and this will be another DNF.

David It seems to be the MO of the series at this point. Atticus pisses off some deity or the like. Deities come to get revenge, Atticus and now Granuaile near effortlessly over come the challenge. I had a hard time feeling like they were in danger when Druid-fu always seemed to trump everything from Skinwalkers to Greek Deities.

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