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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 4 by Bisco Hatori
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Apr 24, 12

it was amazing

So the boys from the host club decided to visit Haruhi at home! As it left off in the previous volume, Haruhi's dad walked in right after Tamaki tripped and landed on top of Haruhi! (despite his feminine attire, her dad has no problem being scarey!) He also proceeds to go into disguise mode. He and the rest of the boys from the host club, follow her and Tamaki to a local "commoners" store. Needless to say hilarity ensues!
Also in this volume:
Valentine's Day at Ouran High, and the whole club goes down the rabbit hole and plays out Alice in Wonderland. Plus the club decides to help out the school newspaper and let them do an article on them to help boost readers. Of course their idea of a news worthy article is the paper writing about their playing a "Commoner's" game.

Again, so loving the Host Club! Haruhi's father is really sweet. He tries so hard to understand and connect with his daughter, and fails miserably! (like most fathers) But he really cares about her, and isn't afraid to threaten the host boys, who he sees as potential suitors to his precious Haruhi. It's funny, Haruhi and her father have more in common then they realize. For example they both are working as cross dressers...waiting for this one to come up in a future volume.
Poor Mori, his relationship with Hunny is soooo complex... In the Valentine's episode he even turns a girl down, because he feels he needs to punish himself for failing his friend.
As for the Alice in Wonderland tale...LOVED IT! It was so funny watching which boy played which characters, and the twists to the story were laugh out loud funny!
The artwork is still amazing. Plus the twins from Romatic Egoist return in another short at the end of this volume, titled Love Egoist. This one is a little darker than the previous Egoist, but still good.
Also there is a bonus Ouran Suspense Theater. So funny seeing the what if's...
And as well as the little notes to go with the chapters there's the Editor's notes in the back. Definitely a help to readers like me, who might not be familiar with some of her more obscure references. And some really cool fan pics that the author was nice enough to share.
Over all I have been really enjoying this series. Even though I don't know how I feel about the characters not really aging, or advancing in school. Kinda leaves certain paths non options. So far it hasn't gotten stale.
Definitely would recommend this series. It's cute, funny, with just enough depth to the characters to make them interesting without being overwhelming or depressing.

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